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APEX Series. Braided sides ensure that your SLIVER mousemat will not fray even after intense gaming sessions. Once I loaded into the game, I noticed the game was running poorly with only 15-20 FPS and I also noticed the fans had not initiated. It’s made me realise that I need to submit a budget request to the Chief Financial Officer (my wife, Heather). I also noticed that at 90% battery remaining, there was only 1 hour 20 minutes of usage left in the battery. 7th Generation. Overall, I was very impressed with the features of the AfterShock APEX-15R laptop. MAGNESIUM CHASSIS | 1.87KG | MECH KEYBOARD | THUNDERBOLT 3 | MASSIVE BATTERY . Time to set up PUBG and Tomb Raider and test this bad boy out. Interestingly, I unplugged the power from the laptop and loaded up Tomb Raider to take a screenshot that I wanted. You can imagine my disappointment when I saw that this demo model only had a 120GB M.2 drive and it was currently almost at capacity. AFTERSHOCK MX-15 (N850HJ) AFTERSHOCK MX-15 Elite (N850HK1) AFTERSHOCK MX-15 Pro (N850HP6) 8th Generation. On the back are dual fan cooling vents. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. None (Standard Pixel Policy) (+AUD 0.00) The APEX-15R is a laptop made by AfterShock and is a very capable and powerful laptop for gaming, provided you can plug into power. The Hypergate on the otherhand offers beautiful showcase PC design in a small form factor and even open loop watercooling support, with the ability to sport RTX 2080TI graphics in a tiny package.

Earlier in the day I had purchased the new release of Warhammer Quest 2 and that game has much lower required system specs, so I figured the fan speed and heat would be less. APEX 15 Lite i5 Edition [15.6 Inch] FORGE 15S [15.6 Inch] APEX 15R Lite [15.6 Inch] Performance; FORGE 15X [15.6 Inch] FORGE 15R [15.6 Inch] Slim Extreme Performance; VAPOR 15 PRO [15.6 Inch] VAPOR 15X [15.6 Inch] VAPOR 17X [17.3 Inch] Extreme; APEX 15X [15.6 Inch] TITAN XTREME [17.3 Inch] Visit Online Notebooks Store. Intel® 300 series chipset; MEMORY. MASTERFULLY CRAFTED | RTX GRAPHICS READY | ULTIMATE VALUE Wireless Local Area Networking allows devices to communicate within a local home network. While I was waiting to receive this laptop in the mail, I looked up the specifications online and saw that the base model comes with a 512GB M.2 drive as well as a 1TB SATA drive. Select one to fit your ideal needs. Performance; BOLT [Premium Custom PC] FLOW [Powered By Asus] Premium Range; ZEAL [Extreme Mid Tower PC] SHADOW [Silent Extreme PC] HYPERGATE [NZXT Extreme PC] HYPERGATE ELITE … 15″ Notebook Drivers. The Apex 15X is a gaming laptop computer from Aftershock, an organization who specialize in customized gaming PCs and laptops in Singapore who’ve expanded to Australia, so let’s learn the way nicely their laptop computer holds up. Panasonic GH5: EXTREME PERFORMANCE | RTX GRAPHICS READY | ITX SMALL FORM FACTOR. Whilst not as noisy as my Steelseries mechanical keyboard for my PC, the key presses were still louder than a standard laptop keyboard which may be distracting if you were using the laptop in a quiet business meeting situation. The thing that held me back from purchasing one has always been the price tag as well as it not being as easy to upgrade individual components like you can with a PC. Choose from one of our pre-designed wraps or create your own, its your choice! APEX Series. Acer Swift 3 Review – Ryzen 8 Core Laptop For $650! From the mechanical RGB keyboard and 144Hz 1080p monitor, to the i7-8750H CPU and GeForce 1060 GPU. Our mice utilise classic ergonomics that instantly feel comfortable and familiar, while packing top-of-the-line avago sensors and omron switches to ensure you are getting a flagship class esports mousing experience. If you're looking to get the most performance at the best price/performance ratio, the FORGE series delivers in spades. Test Australian pricing: Change the way you view customizing your own pc forever.

The Colour Calibration is an on-going service, meaning users can come anytime and calibration would be done according to their preferences. It is an essential component for wireless laptop computer. I wanted to see how this laptop handled them given the outstanding components, but they were going to take up too much space. One complaint I have had with my recent experiences with laptops is a lack of hard drive space, especially considering some AAA games these days use 50+GB of space. Our warranty package also includes maintenance and cleaning (carry-in) for all desktops, to ensure your system is performing as you would expect. You can be assured your Microsoft licenses are genuine and purchased through authorised distribution channels. K series CPUS are unlocked and can be overclocked. It is often used to aid a component's thermal dissipation via a heat sink, thus preventing overheating, as is vital in a gaming notebook. APEX 15 - GTX 1060 Overview.


AFTERSHOCK PC creates gaming mice with one sole purpose : To offer the best sensor and interface performance possible in a classic mouse design format. I loaded up Shadow of the Tomb Raider and loaded my save game, then the dual fan cooling system kicked in and we had lift off, quite literally.

Nope, it was the same volume of noise and heat coming from the fans. It still has that familiar “laptop keyboard clicky feel” but with the response mechanical keys give the user. Let’s see what’s inside the box. PROCESSOR SUPPORT. Your email address will not be published. The Apex 15X is a gaming laptop computer from Aftershock, an organization who specialize in customized gaming PCs and laptops in Singapore who’ve expanded to Australia, so let’s learn the way nicely their laptop computer holds up. This laptop measures 359(L) x 240(W) x 19.9(H) mm and weighs 1.95kg including the battery, so it’s quite sleek in design. Nowadays technology for laptops is just as good as desktop PCs and are becoming a lot more affordable. Designed By Intel. Amazing! 15.6” …

Other I/O ports available on the exterior are: Upon opening the lid of the laptop which felt delicate but not flimsy, I noticed the mechanical keyboard. From ultra-premium chassis options to beautiful open loop hardline watercooling or even exotic wall mountable PCs, every extreme watercooled pc we build is a unique work of art for your desk that delivers mind blowing performance, thermals and superb reliability. The APEX Range represents our most portable gaming laptop range that comes with no compromise on features. “I was very impressed with the features of the AfterShock APEX-15R gaming laptop. AFTERSHOCK MX-15 (N850HJ) AFTERSHOCK MX-15 Elite (N850HK1) AFTERSHOCK MX-15 Pro (N850HP6) 8th Generation. PCIE M2 SSD drives deliver Next generation SSD performance with speeds exceeding that seen in the typical sata3 ssd range. I don’t think you could comfortably play games with this laptop on your legs as the heat would be too much. APEX 15 REVIEW. It was the same noise level when playing PUBG. The metallic cover and palm rest areas are susceptible to fingerprint marks after each use, but these easily wipe off with a cloth. MAGNESIUM CHASSIS | 1.87KG | MECH KEYBOARD | THUNDERBOLT 3 | MASSIVE BATTERY.

Plus, its customizability allows players with deeper pockets to equip their notebooks with even more powerful components. FORGE 15S Supreme Value, Potent Performance 15.6 Inch APEX 15 LITE Light Performance Laptop 15.6 Inch. Whilst you can utilise the trackpad for games, I plugged in a wireless receiver and used a wireless mouse which I’d recommend be a staple purchase if you’re gaming on a laptop. Now that I’ve used this laptop, I really want to upgrade to a 144Hz monitor! Dual Channel DDR4 2x SODIMM Sockets, support for DDR4 2666 mhz ; Up to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6; Optional 144hz IPS/AHVA Display; Slim bezel design for border-less visuals; 1.95KG; VAPOR SERIES by Intel. Register your email for exclusive news, offers and giveaways! For the remainder of my testing I had the laptop plugged into power.

Dual Channel DDR4 2x SODIMM Sockets, support for DDR4 2666 mhz ; Up to 32GB Max with 2 x 16GB modules ; DISPLAY OPTIONS. To the point where I saw my first enemy and killed him easily without any lag or freezes. I charged the battery to 100% but it didn’t improve much with 1 hour 40 minutes of power remaining. Once it quickly booted into Windows, I had a look at the system specifications which were impressive! The APEX features a unique mechnical keyboard for a true tactile typing and gaming experience, as well as a clean minimalist design and enthusiast grade nvidia graphics for unbeatable performance on the go. SUPREME RELIABILITY | HIGH PERFORMANCE | COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMIZATION The APEX-15R is a laptop made by AfterShock and is a very capable and powerful laptop for gaming, provided you can plug into power.

Premium Open Style Tempered Glass Chassis, AMD Ryzen 3000/Threadripper and Intel 10th Gen Ready, Z490 or X570 Enthusiast Grade Motherboards, Extreme Custom Open Loop water-cooling available, Up to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080TI Graphics Card, Small From Factor With Beautiful Showcase, Beautiful NZXT H1 Chassis, Unique Vertical Design, 13.6 Litres - Truly Compact Chassis, Tiny Footprint, Content Creation / 3D CAD / BIM / Video Editing, AMD Threadripper | Intel Extreme Processors. I then ran a graphics benchmark to see if there was any difference, and sure enough there was a massive difference. AFTERSHOCK APEX 15 LITE 2060 - 9TH GEN. AFTERSHOCK APEX-15 (GK5CN5Z/GK5CN6Z) AFTERSHOCK APEX-15 RTX 2060 (GK5CP0Z) MX Series. Sound quality from the internal speakers was not as good and not as much bass as my PC with headphones of course, however when I played PUBG, even though the internal speakers were in front of me, I still got a sense of directional sound when gunfire was coming from behind me and to the right, and moved around me as I moved the character around, so that’s awesome as well. Test Singapore pricing: My digital camera gear:

AUD 1,530. This demo laptop suffered from a lack of storage, so if this was your primary gaming device, you’d need to order in a version that has the system drive plus a decent sized additional drive. We've gone above and beyond to produce a absolutely premium backpack to meet the extreme needs of our users and to keep your investment protected.This sturdy bag that is spacious, durable and long lasting! Register your email for exclusive news, offers and giveaways!

9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-9750H Six Core Processor ; CHIPSET. 7th Generation.

More RAM allows for better multitasking abilities, while faster RAM increases the speed that the data can be accessed and written. Your email address will not be published. Please check your email for a confirmation message, [Extreme Performance Creator Workstation], copyright 2020 AFTERSHOCK PC - All Rights Reserved, 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-9750H Six Core Processor, 2x SODIMM Sockets, support for DDR4 2666 mhz, 2x M.2 PCIe SSD slots (NVMe SSDs supported), Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlight Support, 359mm (Lenght) x 240mm (Width) x 19.9mm (Height), Address : 298 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda, Victoria 3182.

MSI Creator 15 Review – The GS66 For Content Creators. Turns out there were some issues with the wifi adaptor drivers and settings, as well as a big Microsoft Windows feature update that was throttling my home Wi-Fi connection (funnily enough, it was also causing my baby monitor to lose connection). I can only assume that features to do with graphics and power are either turned off or tuned down to conserve power, at the sacrifice of graphics quality which almost made Shadow of the Tomb Raider unplayable on high settings. Faster processors allow you to run more complex programs, or multiple programs at once without a performance dip. Featuring stunning and innovative magnesium chassis materials, the Vapor 15 pro is one of the world's lightest RTX 2070 powered gaming laptops, while delivering ultimate thermal performance in an ultraportable type laptop.

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