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Either way, it has become abundantly clear that proper casting in any television show - especially one that was bound to become a cultural phenomenon - can make or break it. But, pretty much everyone, including me, assumes Angus Mhor of the book and the series are one and the same. Angus chokes on his own blood as he desperately tries to breathe and to speak but he swiftly expires. Fifth Red Flag: Claire lifts his sark to reveal a huge contusion (Anatomy Lesson #35, Outlander Owies! [60] Walters also reunited with previous co-star Sean Bean in "Tracie's Story", a critically acclaimed episode of 2013's The Accused, penned by Jimmy McGovern. Luckily, though fans of the series were reluctant to initially accept Sophie Skelton as Bree, she has won audiences over with her performance. The series, written by Stephen Butchard and directed by Sam Miller, won the RTS award for Best Drama in 2013 despite only running for one series. Amiee Spinks, Vivien Killilea/Getty Images, Aimee Spinks, Vivien Killilea/Getty Images, Aimee Spinks/Sony, Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images, described as a fairly physically repellent person. 2 (Original Television Soundtrack), Outlander: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack),, Angus is the first character whose role in the television series deviates significantly from his role in the books. Blasts also generate a shock (pressure) wave which passes through a victim’s body producing anatomical and physiological injuries. I am thrilled to learn you are in the PNW! She’s with me when I die. There are a few book attributes that Rankin doesn't quite possess, however. I have not yet posted an anatomy lesson on lung, but bear with me as we explore the effects upon it by a blast wave. Not to mention, that he met his fate at the Battle of Culloden, while our Murtagh onscreen lived through the infamous battle. So it must have been a daunting task trying to cast such an incredible character. She is smart, driven and full of spirit, and Lauren Lyle captures that perfectly. Human Anatomy taught through the lens of the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon and the Starz television series Fascinating lesson, Professor! [85] From filmmakers World Productions, the drama, written by Liverpool author Kevin Sampson (Hillsborough Voices), centers on Anne Williams' crusade for justice after the death of her son Kevin in the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. Prince Charles led the Jacobite Rebellion in 18th-century Scotland and inevitably failed in his mission to take the crown. Played by French actor, Stanley Weber, he gives a sinister and haunting performance of the Comte St. Germain. Thank you for writing. My past five weeks are a blurrrr! Claire doesn’t see this action but we do. Now, though, fans seem to have warmed to him, since he still gives a great performance. The sheer talent it must take to take on either character is astonishing, and Menzies surely gave it his all with blood, sweat, and tears in every episode. Young Ian is not a looker — he is described as "homely," with his eyes being his one conventionally attractive feature. They are also over-simplified for this lesson. Fergus was a beloved character from season 2 of Outlander. Actor Grant O'Rourke is a better looking man than Rupert MacKenzie deserves. We had one scene where I burst in on her, and she’s urinating in a bucket, and I drag her by the arm, and I remember we were just howling with laughter. The bruise might also be a TBI of the abdominal wall from being thrown to the ground. . But with Grant O’Rourke, who plays Rupert, you guys became this great comedy team on the show, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Laurel and Hardy … Yeah! Claire and Jamie hasten to his aid. However, considering Marsali's role in the Outlander novels, Lyle should continue to get plenty of screen time and will most likely earn an even better reputation as an actress. Third Red Flag: Angus pauses to grip his forehead in apparent brain-pain. He has black hair and thick, dark eyebrows and lashes. Fergus is described as having long black hair and sharp facial features, including a beaked nose, and an aristocratic look about him. In the books, Brianna Randall, who is Jamie and Claire’s daughter, was described a bit differently than the actress who now plays Bree onscreen. Despite her timid nature, she is attractive, which O'Ryan's acting and the characterization of Lizzie on the series also does a good job of bringing to life. So after each take, we had to have a complete costume change, and I had to go back to makeup and get all the blood out of my beard so we could do it all over again. Rupert is generally described as a fairly physically repellent person. [59] Though a second series of The Village was commissioned, Walters was unable to reprise his role due to a scheduling conflict with filming Outlander (2014–2016). [14][15][16][17] During this time Walters completed his first feature film where he played the role of Dennis, opposite Robert Carlyle, in Jake Scott's anachronistic comedy Plunkett and Macleane. Claire is our anchor through this historical romance, so it makes sense that we remain tied to her through nearly every episode. He eventually ends up following his Aunt and Uncle to North Carolina in season 4, where we see his character develop even further. He gives each and every performance his all and makes you feel every emotion Jamie is pouring out through his very pores. Damage caused by this type of traumatic impact are tertiary blast injuries (TBIs). *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. She should continue to appear for as long as the show keeps airing. [87] The film, which tells the story of three actor friends who end up in a creepy town together, was partially funded via IndieGoGo, an online crowdfunding platform. His fanbase is just as dedicated, if not more so, as Heughan’s, and it's easy to see why. Not just because he had written it, but also because of the manner in which he recited it. Although we learned about blast injuries in Anatomy Lesson #36, Outlander Owies – Part Deux!, details bear repeating in the context of Angus’ mortal wounds. Thanks so much for your comment. Essentially, we're saying that Heughan the actor essentially stepped off the page of the Outlander novels. [30] Vaughn, who had produced Barry Scholnick's Mean Machine, offered Walters the role. But who wouldn’t be? It was imperative that she be the absolute perfect embodiment of the time-traveling WWII nurse who falls for a Highlander in the 18th-century. He's got the slender nose, high cheekbones and strong jawline as well. He also looks quite the part — though he isn't a perfect replication of the way Fergus is described in the books, it wouldn't be too hard to pick out Domboy's role if you didn't know that's who he was playing beforehand. [22][23] He then played the role of Nazi skinhead Blowfish in Ronny Yu's film The 51st State (AKA-Formula 51) opposite Samuel L Jackson and Robert Carlyle. Hemorrhage of abdominal organs can translate to the skin but usually some time passes before presentation. I am glad you found the lesson interesting. Not too many actors are rat-faced, and Lacroix definitely is not. Rankin himself has the tall and long-haired part down already, though he tends to wear a beard when not playing Roger. The cast is a large part of why Outlander has been so successful — they've done a great job of bringing Gabaldon's stories to life and making viewers care about every character, no matter how small a role they play. [citation needed], Upon completion of drama school Walters appeared as Ian Glover in Jimmy McGovern's highly acclaimed drama Hillsborough (1996), based upon the Hillsborough disaster at the 1989 FA Cup Semi-finals. We weren’t quite ready to let go of this enigmatic yet evil character. To understand what happened to Angus, we turn to the field of pathology, the study of abnormal anatomy (Anatomy Lesson #35, Outlander Owies! If air sacs fill with blood, can there be room for air? In his attention and care shown towards his master, however, he is clearly devoted and loyal.

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