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Upon his release, his two brothers Georg (Harald Thompson Rosenstrøm) and Otto (Benjamin Helstad) show up at his door and insist on taking him to the family cabin to celebrate, inviting along hitchhiker Monika (Mette Spjelkavik Enkosen) to what is meant to be an epic party.

However, when Erik’s mom arrives to the cabin, where Erik is sure Monika has been killed, audiences learn that the events witnessed were part of Erik’s hallucinations. Otto and Georg are figments of Erik’s imagination, and “Monika” is really a dummy from the gas station. Soon after starting work at a school that has reopened for the first time in 40 years, schoolteacher Sanna (Ellen Bendu) experiences supernatural callings.
What Olivia said at the beginning of the episode was true: Annelise does not like her son’s girlfriend and uses her writing as a means of enacting a revenge fantasy. When business tycoon Edmund (Stig R. Amdam) discovers his groundbreaking prototype has gone missing during a formal dinner, he quickly proves he is willing to do anything to get what he wants. “I love you,” she tells her husband as she lunges at him with a knife, only to be stopped by her daughter who is forced to unwittingly sacrifice the mother she loves to the stone.

There is a mixed morality to the retribution that comes to William and Helene because, despite their not deserving death, they are also not particularly nice people.

That, combined with the cat she holds in her lap Godfather-style, implies that Katja’s wealth did not come from a one-time event and that she eventually sacrificed her father as well. After three years in a psychiatric hospital, Erik drives to his family's cabin with his brothers but trouble starts when they pick up a hitchhiker.

After three years in hospital, Erik heads to his family cabin with his siblings.

The audience is left with three possible interpretations. Her power, however, is finite and there is no undoing the story once it comes to its natural end. Idealistic educator Sanna relocates to a rural school reopening after a long closure. After having her heart broken, her love life is a mess. Executive-produced by his sons, Rodrigo and Gonzalo. Newbies Kristen (Rebekka Jynge) and Paul (Karl Vidar Lende) try to uncover the mystery, but it is the office veterans’ unwillingness to speak openly about the “elephant in the room” that leads to tragedy. Iselin was not guided by feelings over a petty affair or dint towards greed, but by a deeper need for revenge. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, her life immediately gets ruined, with her roommates and boyfriend suddenly intent on murdering her.

Bloodride or Blodtur is a new Norwegian Netflix Original series.

On the other hand, understanding the full extent of Erik’s lack of touch with reality gives the audience the tools required to see through his hallucinations. By clicking accept, you accept the use of all cookies and your information for the purposes mentioned above. Each episode leans into a different kind of horror to encapsulate a wide array of concepts, using its Norwegian setting to develop character plots. Holidate Parents Guide Sloane (Emma Roberts) is tired of sitting at the kids’ table for holidays. After admitting himself to the psych facility where the woman he's fallen for resides, Adri discovers getting back out won't be as easy as he thought! Norwegian anthology horror show Bloodride premiered on Netflix on Friday the 13th, presenting six tales with different, but equally gruesome ends. Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. But as Olivia bleeds out and Annelise tries to remove these lines from her story, she finds they won’t delete.

However, the figurative elephant in the room is defining exactly what the relationship between William, Martha, and Helene (Silje Storstein) is.

Erik’s mom confirms that Erik has no brothers.

The presence of the pet also implies that, even after all that, Katja’s use of the sacrificial stone is anything but over. Related: The Invisible Man’s Ending & Twists Explained. William’s (Nader Khademi) elephant costume is stolen by Martha (Marianne Jonger) who uses it as a disguise to get away with her evil plot.

Take the bloodride and journey into mystery — if you dare.

Edmund is so focused on outing the thief that he is unable to see the larger plan going on around him, which leads to his death. The events that unfolded took place exclusively in Erik’s head. City dweller Molly has difficulty adjusting to a new, downsized life in the country — until she learns why her neighbors are so attached to their pets. Its opening sequence is a symbolic exploration of these connections, with the characters all on a bus headed to places of violence, suffering, and, of course, blood. However, the children were murdered on behest of the entire town for a reason, Sanna discovers too late. However, it is only in that moment that she questions whether he was the real writer all along, a question that comes moments too late. His downfall comes when, in pitting his dinner guests against each other, he ultimately bands them together against him. Related: Netflix's Lost Girls Ending Explained. As American astronaut Emma Green (Hilary Swank) prepares to lead an international crew on the first mission to Mars, she must reconcile her decision to leave behind her husband (Josh Charles) and teenage daughter (Talitha Bateman) for 3 years. Each stop is a character or group of characters’ individual story that explains how they’ve ended up on this metaphoric blood ride, how their lives went from something mundane, like riding a bus, to a bloody horror show.

For employees of the Deep State, conspiracies aren't just theories — they're fact. Netflix in 2020: A Complete Guide New year, new movies and shows Discover Now!

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. An avid reader and fan of writing, she leverages her love of literature to dissect movies in her favorite genres, including horror, rom-coms, and superhero movies. She is just a character who the writer decided to throw dirt in the face of. He wants to get to the bottom of a missing prototype. She uncovers the mystery of four sisters who went missing in the late 1970s after the town turned on them and their family.

City girl Molly has issues adjusting to a simpler country life. The ending reveals that this company leader is actually Katja, whose first million came from the accidental sacrifice of her mother, confirming that the Viking stone really does work. Related: Netflix's Lost Girls Ending Explained Bloodride, the newest offering in Netflix’s anthology selection, uses metaphor to connect the six episodes of its opening season.Its opening sequence is a symbolic exploration of these connections, with the characters all on a bus headed to places of violence, suffering, and, of course, blood.

Her attempts to sacrifice a rat and a dog she isn’t fond of don’t yield the results she wants because, as she learns, the reward is relative to the sacrifice. “The Elephant In The Room” in Bloodride’s final episode is both literal and figurative. A strange tragedy calls her from beyond the world of the living. The final scenes play out with a large burning fire and the sound of a woman screaming, making this anonymous woman the third person Erik has supposedly killed. Oda is the daughter of one of the latter, seeking to ruin Edmund for what he did to her family. Those closest to him have decided to test his own loyalty by trapping him in the same cage he put them in. Warning! Despite being warned multiple times that these girls are the “devil’s spawn”, she proceeds with her plan to resurrect the girls after discovering an instruction sheet left behind by them.

She soon learns why her neighbors are so close to their pets. The lucky Olivia dives head first into her exciting new writing class. Her instructor and an awkward student leave her questioning what is real. A pharmaceutical power belittles his dinner party guests. Dark family drama is gripping, addictive -- and grim.

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