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cliffside gray vs stonington gray

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Make warm gray your new go-to neutral, With this versatile hue, you can go dark and bold or slip into something more soothing, A designer shares 10 tips for using the neutral shade that works best for you, A Dallas couple transforms their traditional rambler into a bright, family-centered haven after a tornado, Navy blues, grays and creams respect the view while pops of green and gold add surprise in this Vancouver living space, Step aside, yellow and gray — a new double act is in town. Stonington Gray (BM HC-170) is a beautiful medium gray with cool, blue undertones. Hopefully we have been helpful assisting with your color choices. I know if we chose white, I would want to repaint it as soon as possible. How to know how dark to go or which room to paint which gray in? If we go with a color now, we may only have to repaint a couple rooms in the future. @SandyC, no, we currently don't own any furniture, all we have is our bed, nightstands and computer desks. We used this color in the Trailer Project on the tiny little jack and jill bath between two of the guest rooms. Here's what the numbers look like when we measure the original mix and the 50% mix. This post will focus on Benjamin Moore paints because that’s the line of paint our local hardware store sells and I like supporting local businesses so I only buy from them.

We used SW Big Chill in our living room, foyer, and hallway, and SW Monorail Silver in all 3 bedrooms. The upstairs gets a fair amount of light, but the downstairs is a basement and has limited light. Whitestone has the ability to change colors in different lights and looks great in every case. My answer is always to pick the color you like then get it mixed in the brand of your choice. I kist spent 60$ redoing this desk for thst room. However, I have seen it look considerably warm in a southern-facing room (almost as warm as Agreeable Gray) and I’ve seen it look quite blue in north facing rooms. Tell us: Which paint shade possesses you? I sat down recently with Benjamin Moore to talk about my favorite color picks for 2019. That's gorgeous, Bev! If someone believes you can cut Revere Pewter by 50% and it's going to look half as dark, half as colorful, half as gray then that's what they're gonna see whether it's true or not. Any experience/photos with any of these grays? Whether cutting a paint color formula is successful or not depends a whole lot on what people decide is going to happen even before they do it. It pops against a white molding, and also goes very well with the silvery gray of aged driftwood, which I use in my homes a lot.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray is a modern and fresh medium-toned gray with a slight blue undertone. White 1010 30GY 76/017. Talk about versatile, Try out Trout or shake up some Martini Shaker gray for a neutral-based kitchen that whispers of sophistication, The right shade of gray pairs nicely with whites and woods to serve up elegance and sophistication, Tired of tan? It’s beautiful in bright morning sunlight or at night with just the bedside light on. In my toddler’s room, I have paired Stonington Gray with a navy blue accent wall (Sherwin Williams Naval). Any photos? Time to highlight one of my favorite grays that has a hint of green in it! It’s one of my favorite paint colors and I’ve used it throughout my home. From top left: Gray Owl, Cliffside gray, stonington Gray and Whitestone on right side You wouldn’t think this is actually a gray from the name, but Whitestone is a beautiful gray paint with a blue undertone. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. Which one? Share it with your friends! Design, Decor & Making Real Estate Work for You. We don't want white, that's what we know, so if we go with white now, it means we'll have to paint every room in the future. We've received compliments on these colors. The Undertones of Gray Owl vs Stonington Gray Gray Owl’s roots suggest that it should commit to a green undertone, however, in my experience, here’s what I’ve seen: Approx. If you’re still on the fence, then read more about Gray Owl for a lighter, fresher gray.

I do this all the time! Also, our friends who just built a house 3 years ago chose BM Moonshine. This gray paint is also part of the Historical Collection. Because of this, we end up using a lot of blues and greens. Help?

While I love the color combination, it’s important to keep the rest of the furnishings and rug a lighter color to stop a low-light room from feeling really dark during the day. Here is a photo: Cannot find a Sherwin Williams gray that looks gray. Wickham Gray is light and can brighten up a room. We painted our new master bedroom at the Farmhouse this color. I also look forward to the feeling of moving into our new home thinking, wow this house is nice, instead of thinking, uh now what color do I have to paint these rooms. Oh, also our MBT is SW Watery, which I absolutely love. This room is east-facing, so it’s dark for a lot of the day. Yeah this sounds crazy but we've always been living in the city, Boston and now New York, we didn't really buy any furniture because well, our apartment is small. Like what you see? Don’t forget to consider your furnishings and upholstery when choosing a paint color. You can actually measure the colors and demonstrate what happens when the formula is changed. I am also like mamabear OVER IT. If they don't have a chip, they can mix up a sample pot. It’s light enough not to feel closed in, it’s got an absolutely gorgeous hue, and it’s ever changing in different lights. It depends a lot on the orientation of your windows and light. They have access to all the color codes in their computers and can color match to their own brand of paints. Stonington Gray is a cool gray This room was only 2-1/2 feet wide! Another shade by Benjamin Moore, and even darker than Coventry Gray, this gray is excellent for a small dramatic space like a powder room. We thought we liked Gray Owl, from online photos, but the swatches have a green tint. Living Room: Gray walls and tan furniture...does it work? With an LRV of 65 so it’s considerably brighter than Stonington Gray, and will reflect more light back into a room. I know people suggest cutting formulas all the time on this forum but it doesn't work consistently. They're not even close. The hottest new neutral can be cool or warm, formal or casual, and feminine or masculine. We're painting our entire new duplex gray--and we're looking for a light pure gray. But how to choose one that doesn’t look flat and boring? My favorite tools and supplies will make the job quicker and easier. Don't try cutting Stonington Gray by 25% because the same thing is going to happen. What did you choose? Remember, it can flash quite blue in rooms with cooler light, so be sure to test it before committing. I know it's hard to believe, but we don't have a couch... We're basically starting from scratch here. My questions are - should we get a sample lightened by 25% instead?

That's why I know I won't be happy with white/off white, and want to go with a gray. Conversely, in my experience, Gray Owl looks like a pretty fresh gray the majority of the time. Sometimes you don’t want just gray, you want something with a touch of color, and Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore gives us just that. I didnt consider wall collor. right now my dilema is with the desk....I recently chalk painted a little desk a light grey. 40% of the time it I love Benjamin Moore paint, and I use it in all of my homes! Bottom line, you're creating a new color. We thought we liked Gray Owl, from online photos, but the swatches have a green tint. It has an LRV of 59, meaning it’s not a super bright color but it’s still light enough. There are no undertones and it's one of those grays that looks great with everything! We used it again in the master bath at the Farmhouse. People may tell you not to use a darker color in a small space because it makes it feel smaller, but in this case it worked perfectly. Gray can be daunting since there are so many to choose from and you never know what undertones will show themselves until you get the paint up on the wall. And they look as "off" in real life as the numbers indicate.

BENJAMIN MOORE WICKHAM GRAY PAINT BM Wickham Gray is another fantastic gray color. I like painting different rooms in the house different colors, so it doesn’t get boring and when you stand in one room and look out to another, you can both see the difference in shades, and appreciate how the two complement each other. When I try to find inspiration photos of each, they vary so dramatically. In my home, my living room and most of the bedrooms upstairs are painted with Stonington Gray. If you are looking to find a darker gray paint that looks great in person you may have found your solution. Make sure to prime first if you are painting over anything but plain white. You can see how much brighter and fresher the paint color looks in here, compared to the bedroom above. It’s light enough not to feel closed in, it’s got an absolutely gorgeous hue, and it’s ever changing in different lights. There is a color from Glidden's The Master Palette that has similar attributes as Stonington Gray just lighter. Gray paint. Both Stonington Gray and Gray Owl are very popular gray paint colors from Benjamin Moore, but they differ in a few important ways. When I try to find inspiration photos of each, they vary so dramatically. Somehow, it manages to always make a space look polished. Because of its cooler blue undertones, it’s the perfect gray to complement this deep navy shade.

Part of the historical collection by Benjamin Moore, Stonington Gray is my number one go to for an open living, dining, kitchen. So I guess I'm kinda looking for a color like this... something that's soft and nice to look at... (Moonshine is too light for my taste, I want a little bit more contrast with the trims.). Jason and I used this color for our master bedroom and closet in the Trailer Project. It's N.B.C. Stonington Gray Part of the historical collection by Benjamin Moore, Stonington Gray is my number one go to for an open living, dining, kitchen. Read on to discover which grays are my favorites and why. Grays generally fall into two categories: warm grays and cool grays. Over the past few years, we have painted 17 different rooms and we have chosen gray 15 times. Stonington Gray is a great choice if you want more contrast and a slightly darker gray in a room. It stays perfectly gray in most spaces unless it’s paired with a lot of white and cool (north facing) light, where it can look a little blue. Compared to Revere Pewter, it will look like a more clean, cool gray, but can slide slightly blue-green at times. I hope it makes sense why I'm so determined on choosing a gray color now rather than having it white. This will help you see what it really looks like. It's more luck than a solid color strategy. Is it normal for a lightened color to look less gray and more blue than original color? It's been 3 years and they only painted the nurseries (one pink, one blue), and the master's bathroom (lavenderish color), but are still happy with the rest of the house. Wonder if there is a BM equivalent? Or absolutely love a shade from another brand besides Benjamin Moore? Their house is bigger than what we're building, but I think it looks really pretty! For example, Revere Pewter. If you have items that will not be changing, you will want to try them near the new color to see if you like it. Thank you guys. Stonington Gray is a cool gray with a stormy blue-purple undertone. Our guest room is south facing and has a lot of light furnishings.

One color throughout the whole house. Ps. I've received a lot of suggestions so far, but I just know I don't want it to be white or off-white, I want some contrast, mainly because I've been living in white and off white apartments for the past few years.

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