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femur breaker animation

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hey, can you add scp-250 (idea, scp-250-js which can you make it a t-rex skeleton plz) scp-3057-5, and cann you add decontamination plz. You have a bad device. Granted I’m still gonna look every day. i don’t want many things. Good luck! Hey great add on. I want to give my feedback about the Addon, This Addon is very awesome but when i load my world it take me to a infinite loading, The infinite loading is at: Loading Resource Pack, Before you make a world don’t load it ☝️and if you finish making a world then load the add-on and go quit your minecraft and wait 12seconds and go back to your minecraft and done ✔, Cause, the PD biome has a large file, and it takes 2 year to load, The addon does work properly why are some of the shit people saying it does not work, Please stop listening to the milkers ignore them just please I want to be scp 096 in the v4 doomsday update my last last words I always wanted to become scp 096 in minecraft but never happened I made a video too that Julius Scizzor’s add-on does not lag , proving .

Also, why does the 106 containment “contain” the femur breaker if I spawn it near the chamber? and can you add back the eta-10’s announcment and ntf’s? My phone can’t take it (; julius THE ADDON MCADDON WHEN I PUTIT IN A SERVER IT SHOWS ME IN FIRSTPERSON WITH NO HAND AND THE GUNS ARE VERY SMALL PLS FIX IT, Bruh can I really not turn off the permanent Addon by JuliusSCizzor textbox it really takes you out of the experience, Bruh just type /scoreboard objective remove Julius scizzor, I had this problem when after downloading the sounds werent working. That update has come out and he hasn’t updated it though. It shows SCP 3000 (defeated) in green.

Uhhhhh I didn’t blame you. Have a good day.

Also I'm glad you even used Juke Bottle Casino music in it too. I installed it and now Minecraft can’t sync my user data. You should make the computers and cameras do something. i can’t figure out how to use it. Step 4. Through all the problems you have faced on making this addon, Thanks you so much for doing this you and bendy ate the ones that started it all, Finally!

They all work like how they should.Here is an example, SCP-096-JS Morph, The machines are:Tesla Gate, Gate A/B Sign, SCP-173-JS/SCP-106 Cage, Heavy/Light Containment Doors, Heavy/Light Containment Keycard Doors, Blast Door, HID Turret (from Bendy), Missile Launcher, Camera, Facility Lockdown Terminal, Computer, Chair, There are the following bosses: (not all shown in picture)SCP-4335, G.O.C, Chaos Leader, Corrupted Broken God, Serpent’s Hand Boss, Scarlet King + 5 Sons (mini bosses), To spawn facilities/structures, use a structure block and switch to “Load” mode. don’t hurry. Thank you sorry but ill give you 3 stars u haven’t open the spawn eggs please fix this.. Hi i have a problem with the addon it wont download the behaviors its even though i deleted all old versions of this addon please help. Hope it gets fixed in v4, it wont let me download it – You are not allowed to edit the code, if you want to learn from it, sure, but note that copying and pasting isnt learning. Also, when you break a facility block the facility usually spawns halfway in the ground, making it so that a lot of the SCPs/stuff doesn’t spawn, is there any way around that yet? Running any function no matter how much time you give the game will end up in the game crashing. I’m attempting to download this on a pc and the behavior pack wont download.

I’ve tested in v2 and it isn’t a problem, The only times the addon ever crashes in v2 is if 2 buttons try to open the same door at the same time, or just normal Minecraft glitches. Good luck with your next project. If you do not have file downloader download it, but once downloaded press the 3 bars top left and go to download. , I don’t want to lost this add-on’s doomsday update :((((( I want it to be updated but any time creator wants and please don’t focus those milkers . I always use both scp mods on my work-in progress scp facility site-50, there’ll be some extensions and I think that you and bendy make a great addon makers.

I’m disappointed. I am on peaceful mode, building an underground site, and one spawns. I love the individual music and liveliness of this add-on! Again, apologies for not crediting. I can’t find many things wrong with this add-on, it’s simply amazing. It’s sad to see this mod go. (It’s the one thing you didn’t explain in the “Help” document. Pls change it to work on mobile devices.(iPadOS). Wish you beast of luck with your next project! Hey Julius Scizzor it is me the one that said he removed the ice and all that,and my name is RareElephant848.And was the youtuber scp 049 Hámre mean too u? Of particular note are: The entire game. - Add-On only crashes if 2 buttons are trying to open/close a door at the same time, or just Minecraft bugs itself, - Added Cool Custom music for Serpent's Hand Boss Battle by DGCrafter, - Added Serpent's Hand Anomalous Generator (SHAG), - Added SCP Essences for all spawnable SCPs (trade for SCP spawn eggs with SHAG), - Added SCP Essence Ore (used to get SCP Essences/Anomalous Fragment to summon Serpent's Hand Boss), - Added P-90, AWM, AK-47, Flamethrower, Micro HID, - Added 3rd Person 3D Model, Animations & Reload Mechanic for P-90 and AWM, (hold fireworks in off-hand and right click/press & hold screen and HOLD), - Join teams now using /function join_classd, join_mtf or join_chaos, - Added human gun picking up from dead bodies (thx to Bendy's code), - Major door updates, the best door add-on in the world I hope, - Removed toggleable particles and griefing, - Reduced chance of doors being in wrong position in SCP Facilities, - New way of spawning structures (credits to dakonblackrose), - SCP-457, SCP-966, SCP-1507 and See No Evil squads can spawn (quite rarely) naturally, - Facilities now don't clear a huge rectangle when spawned, - Added a little more loot to the SCP facility, - /function startaddon now automatically runs every 5000 ticks. ANDMCPEDL SAID WHEN YOU LOGGING AS A GUEST YOU WILL BE BANNED! Excited to see the key card doors, scp 294 uses a special type of quarters not the ones with the resource so in order to get these quarters just say this in chat /give @s scp:quarter to give you those quarters to work 294, just say this in chat /give @s scp:quarter to fix your problem. they just only walking around and wait for the SCPs to Attack them. It is kinda creepy too, ngl. It keeps closing minecraft, Pls fix the link I really want to try scp 3000 pls.

Step 7. , can people stop milking i swear the comments take a hour to go by all of them because of the milking, Hello JuliusScizzor! I wanna play with a bigger facility.

Razones. lol no dont be impatient u have to wait for 1000000000 years, please make it for 1.16.20 because i really want to become scp 096, can u pls add a separate door spawn that have button and without buttons that will be helpful for my base because its so annoying , Version 3.1 keeps on crashing my game so hopefully my minecraft will stop crashing in version 4. If you know what these SCPs are, I’m sure you’ll be able to add them to Minecraft and give them their unique features and abilities. They are great but I want them to be more unique instead of being similar to the guards. Also, it gets stuck on rough. , That shows your devise is trash then get something better insta downloded for me im using samsung s6, Black pistol im using a ipad mini 4 and this loads insta your device is trash dude, DUDE I CANT GET THE BEHAVIOR PACK AND CAN YOU FIX THIS, Did you try dousing you phone in water? Adding or removing addons after a world has been created can be dangerous and can cause you to lose the world. Can attack the rotated door , SCP-096’s angry hand is misaligned , SCP-966 may not be displayed when wearing night vision goggles , Make sure you can play correctly on your mobile device. SCP-354-1 I recommended so make sure you use “No PD”, It still works, it just takes very very long on mobile. Theres a spawn egg for rotated ones and normal ones. Pls try to fix this, I cant open some of my worlds any more and I just want to enter your contest, just pls try to fix this, it would really REALLY help (btw I also posted this in your Showcase world and your latest videos/community posts). Great add on, definitely get. I’m disappointed. . It should be soon, unless I’m wrong. the addon will be late if those people dont credit….. This is the latest version new boss Julius? Anyway great addon it really is amazing what you’ve done. Best creator addon and best addon,nice bro, Hey there’s a few bugs with the mod but i don’t care cause i love it thank you so much juilus i love this mod the bugs arent that bad tho is mostly the guns and the doors but thats it everything is perfect thank you.! This is what I’ve said to two of the addons for bendythedemon18. Please fix.

Please fix that. Try to add this addon on your map with Bendy’s SCP addon and this addon, it will even more cool , Jumping, crouching or attacking will cause Minecraft to exit. Easily one of the best add ons I’ve ever gotten. Discussion. I’ll also notify bendy about this. how do you get items? – Since this is at the top of the page, ignorance of these instructions does not excuse breaking them. Also start on the other addons two because Julius and bendy work together. Search through all the facilities to find the Ritual Document, which will teach you how to summon the scarlet king.

Please add “/function join_goc”, “/function join_sh”, “/function join_foundation_personnel”, “/function join_o5” in the next update. the BP always says ‘download error, check output log for details’ someone help, i use MCBE, How do you download the resource pack for Xbox, U got to import it with a pc/laptop or pay for some app on xbox that u can clame a 1 year free trial then will have to pay to use again. Can you Put it in the mcaddon App? It was the pocket dimension entities to remove the pocket dimension not getting killed before they reached the ground. I don’t know what’s the use of the camera. It’s a demo only atm. , When opened a world it said game as ended whyy and don’t say my is trash it’s a phone 11 pro Mac so it’s not old but whyy can’t I move. STOP THE MILK! And finally how do you kill scp-173-js without using the kill command.

i just wish this addon will be all complete about bugs. Please fix it, I have been looking for an SCP 650 for a while! I loved the addon however one thing that I would like to change is scp 939 and other easier to kill scp’s health. Therefore I suggest making functions that spawn samll parts of your facilities and you don’t need to move armound for them to spawn or you could just spawn scp containment tructure and corridors so the player can customize their facilities easily. I very dearly hope one day we will ba able to play on a non-crashing world. Can anyone help. There is a way around this though, just download bendeythedemon’s mod and use that blast door, then viola! Ir doesnt works on iPhone SE The MechaManiac is obtained by defeating the Corrupted Broken God.It is inspired by the DOOM Eternal chaingun. Hope that helps, You need to log in to xbox life.

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