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The name turned out to be even more appropriate than we thought, as he has now set a size record at Zika, being our first hamster to reach 200 grams! Manuel possibly has the softest fur you've ever felt. We want to work alongside hamster fanciers all over the world to improve the quality of hamsters in general. The hamster fancy hasn't caught on very strongly in North America, especially not in the east. She was the first hamster born here to reach 200 grams. Her high energy has made her a fantastic mom to 14 pups.

Arrived on the 6th May (aprox. This is of course surprising because the Tortoiseshell pattern, a mixture of yellow and non-yellow areas, occurs only in females.

Teddy Bear Syrian Hamsters $20 Retired breeders 1+ years old $5 (make good class pets) Tortoiseshell or Tri-color teddies $25 Campbell's Dwarf Hamsters $12. A shy wisp of a hamster at first, she grew up and learned to like humans after all, especially after she learned that humans have the power to give her some time away from her babies. We used to say that he had a personality approximating that of a beanbag, but that became even more true as he got floppy with age. This is not recommended for shared computers. Locating a Hamster breeder has never She gave us our first rainbow litter with seven different color combinations. It turns out his mother unexpectedly had the Yellow gene, making Enigma a Silver Pearl Umbrous, carrying Cream. Mono was our first hamster. With that size came strength. Beefalo was our sweetest hamster. So big in fact, that at the age of two months she was already larger than both her parents!

Kernel is cute and friendly and a good mom. Another Rust. It's Portuguese and comes from Card's Ender series. We breed because we find the genetics intellectually stimulating, but we also want to better the type, health, temperament and standards of Syrian hamsters in the United States. Beefalo will be remembered as the builder of castles, gathering all the bedding in the cage into one corner to build the best possible nest for her babies. Atherton was the first hamster to be born here and kept for breeding. She remained a human-lover throughout her life. I emphasize their age because I wish to rear them from the earliest age possible so as to fortify the bond between us and ease into the taming process smoother and quicker. Bebop is almost a spitting image of his great-grandfather, our beloved  Atherton. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. We started our hamstery in early 2014 for a few reasons: We love baby hamsters. The first priority of the hamstery is the hamsters themselves, although we are certainly concerned about mutations and the genetic principals behind the hamsters, they are primarily pets and they are loved. Homozygous Silver Pearl Umbrous Ee Banded Longhair. Through selective breeding, we want to improve the overall quality of hamsters in our area. She's named after a character from.

- posted in Worldwide Hamster News: Salutations all, I am seeking to adopt, buy, or take in and LOVE 2 baby Chinese Dwarf hamsters. Hamsters make wonderful and easy to care for pets. I am experienced with hamsters, and above all I am interested in a friendly, cuddly, loving temperament! She's a high energy ham who zips from one side of the cage to another! She was a perky hamster and would stand on her hind legs whenever she heard a new sound. We were quite surprised to see in a pet store what appeared to be a male Dove Tortoiseshell hamster. Hammysworld Syrian Hamster Breeder. It is with the greatest regret and sorrow that I have to report that Harry, the creator of, has passed away. Mosie is a fairy with a huge personality. With her thick, black cheek flashes, Argenta had the most striking markings of any Silver Gray hamster we've had.

He was the largest hamster we've ever had. They are the most adorable things in the world!

This beautiful Ivory with thick, glossy fur came to us from Pearl Hamletry. She is now looking for a quite retirement home. Shiloh was never afraid of humans. Chinchillas Gray Chinchilla $150 Color Mutation Chinchilla $185-200 . Breeding Males. He and Oswald are very similar in body type and personality, but Ulysses does have slightly darker markings and a bit more of a slant to his nose. She was a great mother to three fine litters and passed on her large size and gentle nature to our later generations.

She made an adorable chirping sound when we held her, like a tiny, contented cricket.

She wasn't even an adult then; we still have no idea how she did it. We want to work alongside hamster fanciers all over the world to improve the quality of hamsters in general.

Ferrus the rust bucket was the first Rust hamster born here and an important step toward establishing Rust in our gene pool. In this case, the two sets of DNA would have different coat colors. These are hamsters that have been part of our breeding program, but they have gone to new homes. Seeking Breeders in Washington State !

In spite of that, she was an excellent mother and passed her coveted Rust gene onto two delectable offspring. She passed on her fiery will to two fine litters of pups. PLEASE HELP ! Even as a pup, he boldly came up to our hands and easily let us hold him. Silas was a beautiful Golden with impressive markings and lovely thick black ticking like a Golden should have. While we were traveling home with Argus, whenever we'd look back to check on him, his eyes would be wide open and staring us dead in the face. We want to establish relationships with other hamster lovers in our area. And he's cuddly. He was a gorgeous fluffball with a very docile temperament. He has a great body and head shape and has a calm personality. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Several functions may not work. He lived to the ripe old age of two years, 4.4 months; we hope that longevity will carry on in his bloodline.

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