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interactional leadership theory in nursing

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• Promote staff satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and overall unit productivity. Max Weber, known as the father of organizational theory, began his work in the 1920s when he observed the growth of large organizations and predicted that this growth required a formal set of procedures.
What leadership and management skills will assist Nancy as she begins her new role as a staff RN responsible for supervising a group of patient care technicians, managing assignments and supply use, and serving on a task force to implement a new training program? This allows members participation and control because of its freedom of expression altitude toward achievement of goals. Leadership trait theory was based on the assumption that leaders were born with certain leadership characteristics. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies.

The interdependent nature of the parts of the organization suggests that anything that affects the functioning of one aspect of the organization will affect the other parts of the organization. Both sets of characteristics need to be present in the same person in different degrees. Additional resources are available online at: A good leadership must possess some very important skills to be effective, this includes but not limited to critical thinking, problem solving, active listening, skillful communication, acknowledgment and respect for individual difference, establishment of clear goals and outcomes, and continue personal and professional development (Tappen 2001). I recommend Johns model of reflection is better than that of Gibbs model because, in Johns model practitioner get an opportunity to share with a colleague or mentor, about their thoughts and emotions of their own and about the situation experienced. • Become a proactive problem solver—knowing how to solve problems is more important than knowing all the answers. Study for free with our range of nursing lectures! • Develop and role-model a commitment to excellence. Leadership and Management Defined and Distinguished Discuss implications of leadership and management challenges of the twenty-first century. Staff directly involved in the challenges presented by patient care often can suggest the most workable, practical solutions. No plagiarism, guaranteed! Classic theories of management suggest that the primary functions of managers are planning, organizing, and controlling (Stogdill, 1974). She becomes overwhelmed as she listens to a description of her new responsibilities as an RN.
Based on chaos theory, a nurse manager knows that staff absences as a result of illness, sick children, and family emergencies are a fact of life, requiring the nurse manager to have backup plans in place in the event that staff members “call in” and are unable to report for their assigned shift. Perform chart audits to review nursing documentation, identify problems, develop recommendations, and report to the quality management committee. Depending on the situation, the nurse manager may need to use different types of management styles. Ethical and Bioethical Issues in Nursing and Health Care, Contemporary Nursing Issues Trends Management. • Referent power comes from the followers’ identification with the leader. Leadership, management, and organizational theories provide the building blocks for effective nursing management practices. In contrast to this, the value foundation in Interactional nursing practice is understood from the point of view of the natural sciences as well as that of the human and social sciences.

Researchers began to study leadership in the early 1900s in an attempt to describe and understand the nature of leadership. • Promote evidence-based practice (see Chapter 6). Human skills—the ability and judgment to work with people in an effective leadership role Free resources to assist you with your nursing studies!

The job title such as “nurse manager” will not make a nurse a leader. In 1969, Blanchard and Hersey developed Situational Leadership® Theory in their classic book Management of Organizational Behavior. AUTOCRATIC/AUTHORITATIVE

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