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“You have your 1st candidate for the new head football coaching hire now in place for an 11 week interview,” Smith wrote to Southern Miss AD McClain. Text USMTIX to 20123 to get started. Unfortunately, many of the disparities we see in society are reflected in several aspects of football. Reading Time: 3 min 35 1. He wasn’t the only one to tell Southern Miss’s athletic department about Southern Miss’s own financial situation. Brent Brennan’s Coaching Tree and History. I look forward to the chance to talk to you about worthy candidates to consider during your selection process. After Southern Miss announced the head coaching change on Monday, Sept. 7, a man named Trey Bobinger – for what it’s worth, there’s a Southern Miss grad with the same name who’s an attorney and a lobbyist in the state – emailed Southern Miss AD Jeremy McClain about the potential hiring of Liberty coach Hugh Freeze, who’s a Southern Miss grad. Is Coach Philip Montgomery on the Hot Seat?

Why did Dan Quinn get Fired from the Atlanta Falcons? If that’s too steep of a drop-off for Freeze, whose now-former university president Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned in August, then perhaps Southern Miss looks to a Group of Five coordinator like UAB’s David Reeves, a veteran Power Five assistant like Kansas State’s Van Malone, or any number of potential candidates that Locksley’s National Coalition of Minority Football Coaches could help to identify and vet. Obviously there are emotional swings with sports and so the mathematical ratings do not always line up with the emotional expectations from a team.

0. Out of the 122 FBS schools for which 2019 head coaching salary data is listed in USA Today’s database, former Southern Miss coach Jay Hopson’s $500,000 salary ranked tied for 114th. “We’re probably over $2 million a year total staff salary investments when it comes down to it.”. There were also two slides dedicated to the name, image and likeness of athletes. Please go in another direction for your OC hire.”, Mitchell and President Rodney Bennett released a joint statement announcing, “We have met with Art Briles regarding a position with the Southern Miss football program.

Maybe that’s their problem today, What Should I Read Next? Click the link we sent to , or click here to log in. How much are Football Coaches Really Worth? Excluding Rice, which is a private university, Southern Miss’s coaching salary ranked last among Conference USA schools. Will not have to worry about social distancing anymore, there will not be anyone at the games.At 72 years old I can’t afford to waste my time or money on the product we have put on the field.Embarrassed ourselves in front of a national tv audience.No more for me.You have a real problem on your hands. Jay Hopson. ), but I’m speaking more in line with a targeted, financial campaign.”. A representative of Malone reached out to Southern Miss on Sept. 14 with a 32-page presentation that addressed many topics relevant in 2020: COVID-19, social justice, name, image and likeness, and fundraising. As the emailer Trey Bobinger – the one who said Hugh Freeze told him that he was originally headed to Southern Miss after the 2011 season – noted to Southern Miss AD McClain, “As always, I understand money is an obvious issue.”. As many of us have suspected, the 2020 college football season has … Out of Bounds filed a series of public records requests to try to learn what other factors may have been at play behind the scenes, and to figure out where Southern Miss might go from here. This year-and-a-half-old reporting might be as close as we’ll get to a trail of breadcrumbs regarding any potential off-the-field factors that may have led to the “transition in leadership.” Out of Bounds filed multiple public records requests for emails sent to or from Hopson, Southern Miss Athletic Director Jeremy McClain and President Rodney Bennett – starting Aug. 31 (three days prior to Southern Miss’s season opener) and ending Sept. 11 – but none of the responsive emails provided any indication of what, specifically, may have led to coaching change. Many people ask about the amount of money Jay Hopson makes from Instagram. Excluding Rice, which is a private university, Southern Miss’s coaching salary ranked last among Conference USA schools. He’s been with the program for four years, with the last two being spent as co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach. “It also creates financial investment from an apathetic-at-best fan base,” he wrote. AP Photo . Also in February 2019, The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach reported a story with the headline “Southern Miss coach shows pattern of pursuing personnel connected to sexual assault cases,” which detailed the school’s pursuit of a junior college transfer who had previously been accused of raping two women at knifepoint, as well as incidents from Hopson’s tenure at Alcorn State: Hopson’s previous tenure as a head coach at Alcorn State included recruiting a registered sex offender and a player who saw game action while awaiting rape charges. He may not have acted in the the proper protocol, but that would be my JOB at Southern Miss!”. This is why I recently formed the NCMFC, which is committed to removing the barriers to coaching opportunities for minorities through innovative programming, networking and first of its kind promotion strategies. 17 Potential Candidates to Replace Jay Hopson as Southern Miss Head Coach.

Rushing noted that ever since he started following Southern Miss athletics in the mid-2000s, the university’s fundraising strategy was to push its Eagle Club and rely upon big-time donors. Who should be the Head Coach of the Southern Mississippi football team be if it were up to you? In February 2019, I reported on Southern Miss’s then-Interim Athletic Director Jeff Mitchell dissuading Hopson from hiring former Baylor coach Art Briles as his offensive coordinator. Concerned emailers in both the pro and anti-Briles camps threatened to withdraw their financial support for the university or the athletic department if they didn’t get what they want. According to wikipedia, Jay Hopson was born on August 15, 1990. How old is Jay Hopson? Hugh Freeze’s average annually salary is reportedly four times what Hopson’s base salary was last season. “I'm hoping there is more to this story other than her pads expired in November of 2019 and she's just now doing a check to identify that. “I think none of us are under the delusion that we can reach the level we want to at the current salary level,” wrote Brett Rushing, a 2013 Southern Miss grad, to McClain and Senior Associate AD Brad Smith. Jay Hopson: Lucky he’s not on the Hot Seat Should Jay Hopson be considered Lucky he’s not on the Hot Seat? Record with Southern Mississippi: 28-23 (0.549%), Jay Hopson started coaching at Southern Mississippi in 2016, Jay Hopson’s Career Coaching Record: 60-40 (0.600%), Jay Hopson’s 2019 Southern Mississippi Season 2019 Southern Mississippi Recruiting Class: TBD 2018 Southern Mississippi Recruiting Class: 80 2017 Southern Mississippi Recruiting Class: 74 2016 Southern Mississippi Recruiting Class: 100, Jay Hopson’s 2018 Southern Mississippi Season 6-5, Jay Hopson’s 2017 Southern Mississippi Season 8-5, Jay Hopson’s 2016 Southern Mississippi Season 7-6, Jay Hopson’s 2015 Alcorn State Season 9-4, Jay Hopson’s 2014 Alcorn State Season 10-3, Jay Hopson’s 2013 Alcorn State Season 9-3, Jay Hopson’s 2012 Alcorn State Season 4-7. At 12:38 a.m. CT on Friday, Sept. 4 – hours after Southern Miss lost 32-21 at home – Robert Ingram, the President and CEO of Common Sense Economic Development, LLC, sent an email to Southern Miss Athletic Director Jeremy McClain that had the subject line “The end.” Southern Miss Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development Brian Morrison was CC’d. The day after Walden replaced Hopson, a representative of UAB’s David Reeves reached out to Southern Miss AD McClain. “I can’t get to a place to support it,” Mitchell had emailed Hopson, before adding, “This is the right thing to do, and it is in the best interests of the University. SHARES.

The portfolio also compared Reeves’s team’s performance in 2019 to other defensive assistants who became head coaches in the last coaching cycle: Jimmy Lake (Washington), Brady Hoke (San Diego State) and Danny Gonzalez (New Mexico). Jay Hopson Salary: $500,000. To find out more, read our, This site requires JavaScript to run correctly. Please let us know if you think data we have about Jay Hopson's height is not correct. 4 days ago. The True Hiring Score or THS is compiled by a complex formula bringing together many different factors. If you think Jay Hopson's age is not correct, please leave a comment about Jay Hopson's real age and Jay Hopson's actual birthday below. Rushing’s vision is to make Southern Miss the best Group of Five program in the country, starting with a four-year contact for its new head coach. Southern Miss football will look to push for more productivity on both sides of the ball especially with the talent returning in 2020. 38. Following that meeting, we informed him that he is not a candidate.”, Hopson then responded with a statement of his own, which stated in part, “Although I respect the decision of Dr. Rodney Bennett, I disagree with it…I have interviewed Art Briles for an assistant position @ Southern Miss & I believe he is a man who deserves a second chance. Thank you for reading this edition of Out of Bounds with Andy Wittry.

Jay Hopson salary income and net worth data provided by People Ai provides an estimation for any internet celebrity's real salary income and net worth like Jay Hopson based on real numbers. Normally the ad cost for an Instagram ad post is based on the number of followers on the account. Senior Associate AD Brad Smith forwarded the email to McClain, adding, “See below and been meaning to chat with you about using ‘Rise and Soar’ as a launching point to capture some of the momentum our fans seem to have. After former head coach Jay Hopson stepped down, Walden was named interim head coach for the Golden Eagles. 2019 Southern Mississippi Football Win Expectations: 7.8, Conferance USA Championship | FAU won 49-6 over UAB, CUSA Championship | UAB won 27-25 over Mid Tenn St, Week 3 App St. Game Postponed from Hurricane Florence, Walk-On’s Independence Bowl | L 13-42 Florida State (6-6), New Orleans Bowl | W 28-21 Louisiana-Lafayette, Heart of Dallas Bowl | L 44-31 Washington, 2018 Southern Mississippi Recruiting Class: 80, 2017 Southern Mississippi Recruiting Class: 74, 2016 Southern Mississippi Recruiting Class: 100, | Jay Hopson’s Record with Southern Mississippi, ©2020 Coaching Tree Hot Seat | “I would ask u to keep an open mind to all credible coaching candidates as the season progresses,” Bobinger wrote.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to find the strongest candidates for your program. If that is the case, there are too many issues with that scenario to list in this email!”. “I intend to get behind you in this small way for the purpose of making our football coaching salaries competitive,” wrote Southern Miss fan Tim Smith, who declared his intention to “jump on board with this thing” through a donation. This site uses cookies. “At year’s end, for the position of head football coach for the University of Southern Mississippi, I respectfully submit UAB DC David Reeves, a two time Broyles Award candidate, for consideration,” wrote the representative. Please only use it for a guidance and Jay Hopson's actual income may vary a lot from the dollar amount shown above. with Esther Perel podcast episodes download, Girls Gotta Eat podcast episodes download, The MeatEater Podcast podcast episodes download, Pastor Rick's Daily Hope podcast episodes download, The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: Science Fiction for Kids podcast episodes download, Duolingo Spanish Podcast podcast episodes download, The Laura Ingraham Podcast podcast episodes download, Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-n-Phat podcast episodes download, Real Crime Profile podcast episodes download.

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