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It’s now 75. (Clerks are assigned to every judge’s courtroom to catalogue decisions and keep files up to date.) “She’s confrontational,” says retired Judge Paul Backman, one of two challengers in the race. of Justice, Organized Crime and Racketeering Strike Force. She supervises about 800 people, many of whom are unhappy with her management style.

When viewing a listing, consider the In March 2018, Speiser ruled that Brenda Forman “acted in bad faith” when she filed the competency challenge. It started in December 2018, when Brenda Forman filed for re-election.

I don’t know why and I don’t care.”. “If you don’t call her ‘Madam Clerk,’ you stand the chance of getting fired.”. “Those people don’t like me. Like Speiser, he’s eager to repair the dysfunctional clerk’s office. The Sun Sentinel endorses Speiser with the expectation that he will use his brain, experience and work ethic to modernize the clerk’s office, create a positive work environment and improve services for judges, lawyers and the public. “I never will offend any group of people, race, creed, color or nationality or your religion. Judge Paul Backman is a candidate for Broward Clerk of Court. He’s also a workaholic. Here’s what has changed since the 2000 and 2018 recounts, First lady Melania Trump votes in Palm Beach, Dolphins send WR Isaiah Ford to Patriots, acquire RB DeAndre Washington from Chiefs at NFL trade deadline, RELATED: Broward Clerk of Court Brenda Forman's 2016 candidate questionnaire », RELATED: Judge Paul Backman's candidate questionnaire », RELATED: Judge Mark Speiser's candidate questionnaire », Endorsement: For Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District seats, pick Sorrell, Shaw and Long, Endorsement: For Broward Soil and Water Conservation District, Seat 5, go with experience and Fred Segal, Collapse of Florida’s voter registration system reveals troubling state oversight | Editorial, Endorsement: Debra Hixon would bring valuable perspective to Broward School Board in at-large Seat 9, Endorsement: In rematch for Florida House District 89, Mike Caruso is better prepared, Endorsement: ‘Wallflower’ Linda Sherwood knows how Hollywood’s government works and deserves a final term. If Speiser wins, it will be an unexpected climax to a bizarre race. According to his campaign’s website, Backman spent 20 years “presiding over Career Criminal Divisions of Repeat Offenders and Violent Criminals and served as an Administrative Judge over an eight-year period, supervising over 16 different divisions.”. Speiser dismisses the assumption that the county’s Black voters will reflexively support Forman, who is Black. Are you a legal professional? He has the energy and determination needed to straighten out the clerk’s office. He won a circuit judge seat in 1982 and served five more six-year terms.

People who have worked with Speiser say he’s one of the brightest people in the courthouse. Speiser’s decision cost Forman tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Broward Clerk of Courts Brenda Forman is facing off against Paul Backman and Mark Speiser in Tuesday’s Primary Election. The text’s subject matter was about controlling a group of people by systematically and subtly revoking their rights. When he came back to work part-time in 2019, she refused to provide him with a clerk. Emergency COVID-19 Probate/Guardianship Division Procedures . Gain an understanding of his or her historical disciplinary record, if any. “I’m not a puppet put up to run against Paul. “She used a public office to exact a private retribution,” he said. How often do you settle cases out of court? Brenda filed a motion in 2017 claiming that Howard was mentally incompetent. We recommend using I want my African American community to know because of what’s going out there. Incumbent Brenda Forman declined to participate. “So, I called the chief judge,” he said. State of Florida Circuit Court, 17th Judicial Circuit. The ruling, Backman says, speaks to her dishonesty. Aside from poor performance, Forman has been in the news in recent years for trying to take control of her ex-husband’s considerable savings and his $12,000-a-month pension by claiming during their divorce that he was mentally incompetent. He waited the requisite year before returning. Before the marriage, she had a history of financial problems, including a bankruptcy.). Some of Forman’s critics wish Speiser had not sought this particular challenge. Backman has been criticized for trying to help his wife Arlene, then a county court judge, avoid an investigation by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission about her absences from work. FL 33301.

Attorneys and judges complain that records can be hard to find and take too long to get. It appears that Brenda Forman, the inept incumbent, could get re-elected. Determine the seriousness of complaints/issues which could range from late bar fees to more … Shortly after she took office in January 2017, some of the office’s most skilled workers quit in disgust. All rights reserved.

He stopped only because the state said he couldn’t work for free and collect his pension. More recently, staffers have decried her handling of the coronavirus, saying she was too slow to institute safety measures and too quick to reopen. Speiser has served as a Broward judge for more than 37 years. On the other hand, this election is unlike 2016, when Forman won with 43% of the vote in a three-person closed Democratic primary. But on June 5, seven days before the deadline, Speiser entered the race. comparative communications restrictions. It is always a good idea to research your lawyer prior to hiring. How many cases like mine have you handled? But in May, a frail-looking Howard Forman dropped out of the race. (Mark Speiser) Speiser, 72, is a former prosecutor and served as a Circuit Court judge in Broward County, beginning in 1983, working in the juvenile, criminal, probate and civil divisions. Retirement, Speiser said, holds no appeal for him. He then moved t… (Brenda Forman has no college degree and was working as a $22,000-a-year clerk in Howard Forman’s office for less than two years when they married and she resigned. By researching lawyer discipline you can: Copyright © 2020, Thomson Reuters. He’s been a Broward judge for 34 years. As he says: “My past history serves as a barometer of my future success.”. What’s happened in the Broward County Clerk of Courts race is astonishing and somewhat disconcerting. I give her all of that credit because she was, but this is just unhinged.”. Several times over the past several weeks, we reached out to encourage her participation in the Sun Sentinel’s joint candidate interview and to complete a questionnaire voters could see. After receiving his LL.M. Ensure the attorney is currently licensed to practice in your state. Microsoft Edge.

Determine the seriousness of complaints/issues which could range from late bar fees to more serious issues requiring disciplinary action. “If nothing else, Paul and I are in agreement that we both think that the clerk, the current clerk, has to be replaced.”. He said he’s heard the concern that his entering the race means “we’re going to have two white Jewish guys running and split the vote.”, Backman said a group of South Broward political operatives recruited Speiser to run simply to thwart him. He’s proud of having helped start the county’s drug court, mental health court and veterans court, and says those operations are examples of his innovative streak. Suddenly it was a Brenda Forman-Paul Backman match-up. Sun Sentinel Editorial Board interview with Broward County Clerk of Courts candidates Paul Backman and Mark Speiser. Speiser has missed out on potential endorsements. In July 2019, Backman filed. In 1974, he moved to New York City to serve as a federal prosecutor for the U.S. Dept. She has the potency of incumbency and the political power of “Forman,” the name of the well-regarded former clerk, Howard Forman, her ex-husband. When forced to retire at 70, he continued working for free. Backman got his law degree at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago and Speiser earned his law degree at the University of North Carolina, plus an advanced degree in tax law from Georgetown. During our interview, Backman said that to defend herself, his wife needed a document from the clerk’s office and that Forman refused to provide it. He’s served in the juvenile, criminal felony, felony mental health and probate divisions. … My heart is in this. LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: FOLLOW UPDATES AS THEY COME IN, Voters approve $15 an hour minimum wage; reject open primaries. Quick with a quip, Backman said he expects to win because of “my charm and grace.”. “It’s hard to stand on a record where everybody — from every different perspective — has concerns about the clerk,” says Senior Circuit Judge Mark Speiser, her second challenger. By chance, he was assigned to rule on an issue stemming from the Formans’ divorce. Backman’s resume reads a lot like Speiser’s.

They say her office has lost or misplaced evidence, that training is poor, that her financial statements are inconsistent and that she’s dishonest. Corrupted judges and corrupted attorneys are a hazard to the entire judicial system and to the public as a whole. School teacher Chris Hugley joined along the way. No one ran against him. Howard and Brenda Forman during happier days. During the last 12 months, she’s been investigated – and cleared – for committing perjury in a petty dispute with a courthouse blogger who took her photo. She added that, in hindsight, she probably should have added context in the post. Firefox, or “It’s a political hit job,” he told us. The post showed a quote that is falsely attributed to Hitler next to a photo that is meant to look like the Nazi leader. Judge Mark Speiser is a candidate for Broward Clerk of Court.

West Legal Directory disclaimers. Her office remains embroiled in a battle with the Public Defender’s Office over $12.8 million in fees the PD claims it’s owed. Hugley quit soon thereafter. Florida, for once, could be a beacon of clarity on Election Night. Backman called out Forman last month after a social media graphic she posted was deemed to be anti-Semitic. Forman apologized and said she was not sharing the post to glorify the message or the man it was incorrectly attributed to. Yet Brenda Forman has a chance of winning the Aug. 18 primary, partly because her two opponents may split the vote of those seeking change. “The African American community won’t vote just on race,” he said. Instead, she said she was trying to share the words in the post as a warning. “I have been an innovator and creator of solution solving courts: The first Mental Health Court in the United States, the second Drug Court in the state of Florida and the first Veteran’s Court in Broward County,” Speiser said in a post on his campaign website. He’s eager for another challenge. We believe he is the best candidate to fix the mess at the clerk’s office.

Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. Amanda Batchelor is the managing editor for “I was just appalled that in the 21st century we have to go back and relive the history that has existed between any quote dealing with an individual by the name of Hitler in reference to Jews,” Backman said. “My experience in the courthouse as an attorney, as a judge and as an administrator gives me the ability to bring much needed change for now and the future.”. Before being elected, she worked for ChildNet, the State Attorney’s Office and was the CEO and founder of the B Dixon Mortgage Company. Speiser has served as a Broward judge for more than 37 years. Visit our professional site », Broward County Courthouse201 S E 6th StreetFort Lauderdale,

He was first elected in 1984 as a county judge and was appointed to the circuit bench in 1993. She’s also been slow to transition the courthouse from paper to electronic records. “I don’t set out to offend people,” said Forman.

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