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mat latos tattoos

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But he brought it up and had some really choice words about me. Burnett has quite a few tattoos, and since his tattoos are a slew of individual ones over his body rather than the group telling a story as one, he's not too high on the list, though he has some that are nice. I just can't understand what would possess Inge to get those freakish looking things rather than a nice, simple, easy-to-understand tattoo honoring his sons. “It is whatever he wants to think and we’ll let him play into his ego. I'm honestly clueless as to Blanco's intentions here. Arroyo always stopped and gave as much time as the writers needed. Ours has tattoos. Mat Latos Has a Tattoo of Brian and Stewie from "Family Guy", We Don’t Say the “C” Word On This Podcast. His rugged skull tattoos, the Chinese letters on the meaty part between his thumb and index finger – but the baddest thing of all has got to be the ferocious leopard blanket. The longtime Detroit Tiger, Brandon Inge has two tattoos on his arms that are a lot easier to see than many of them on this list. After the game, Lowe screamed as if somebody stole his Maypo cereal and aimed most of his epithets at Dusty Baker. During spring training, Latos was asked how many tattoos he has and he said, “Just one, but it isn’t finished yet.”, When the Cincinnati Reds acquired the 24-year-old righthanded pitcher from San Diego, sending half the population of Louisville to the Padres, the San Diego media said, “He’s a bit different. Since he is such a big man who likes to run his mouth about himself, ask him. He drilled Joey in the back a while back. Your email address will not be published. That being said, despite a tattoo on a neck being iffy for me, what better tattoo is there to start this list with than the MLB logo? Baseball is a game of characters and self-expression. But judging from these tattoos, he's probably not the most low-key human being. !…, Cincinnati Reds: Congratulations to Tucker Barnhart, the 2020 National League Gold Glove winner a…, St. Louis Cardinals: DEFENSIVE EXCELLENCE …, Los Angeles Dodgers: Betts of the best. I actually never really noticed this until recently, but it's a really disturbing image. #ALLCAPS…, Vegas Golden Knights: Who had fun watching Shea Theodore this season?? Having said that, the tattoo actually does look very cool, and it puts him into that rare group of players that would be best known for something besides their playing ability with that tat. He also gets points for spelling the quote correctly, as misspellings are all too common in the tat world, and a very embarrassing occurrence. The Reds and Indians play Monday in Cleveland, with those two on the mound again. ". Some look ridiculous and others look awesome, as is the case when it comes to tattoos for any group. We all know Burnett is wild, but usually we describe him that way in regards to his pitching rather than his personality. Jonny Gomes' new ink from earlier this year is definitely noteworthy. Out fishing with his lovely wife, Dallas, here it is in all its glory. I can do that.". #NBAVideos: The Best Devin Booker Career Highlights! Among the tattoos are an Aztec symbol on his leg, the Latin phrase "Fortius Quo Fidelius" on his arm and a Pisces sign on his hand that matches the one his wife has. Your email address will not be published. Get yours June 5.... - Raw Chili. Many baseball players have tattoos that are true head-scratchers. The left arm is completely covered with various flowers, his daughter Matisse and a fleur-de-lis, among other things, while the right arm has his daughter Montana, among other tattoos. We know today is a lot. Tattoos are something you don't necessarily see in baseball quite as often as in other sports. Mat Latos has a ton of tattoos. Chicago White Sox: Tony La Russa, a member of baseball’s Hall of Fame, the third-winningest manager… October 29, 2020. Here are 15 of the best MLB tattoos out there. The clubhouse in Goodyear, Ariz., where the Reds train, is exactly one mile from the stadium. "I've got full sleeves and lips on my neck," Latos said. The ones that we can see seem rather pedestrian, though he does have a cool one of the MLB logo surrounded with baseball stitching. #NBAVideos: The Best Fantastic Finishes From NBA Restart! I’ve never heard a veteran whine so much about nothing. Congrats! Two, does it look like, erm, something a lot less publicly acceptable to anyone else but me? Mat Latos bobblehead. It is a neat baseball themed tattoo for a pitcher that is one of the elite talents in the league. Learn how your comment data is processed. Matt Kemp emerged this past season as a five-tool star, as well as someone who should have won the MVP (I know, I know, I need to let it go). Cincinnati Reds: Ours has tattoos. It was Baker who told Latos to send Lowe a message pitch, something hard and tight, to remind Lowe that Baker and the Reds hadn’t forgotten that day in 2009 when Lowe put a pitch between the shoulder blades of Joey Votto. Here’s some morning skate sounds to help get your m…, Dallas Stars: We have issued the following updates on offseason surgeries for Ben Bishop and T…, Washington Capitals: Oh, hello! October 2, 2013 by L.A Girl Leave a Comment. Can't you leave a little bit of room? Well, the last one is the funniest, at least. #NFLVideos: Top Defensive Plays at MidSeason | NFL 2020 Highlights, #NFLVideos: Top Defensive Plays Midseason | NFL 2020 Highlights, #NFLVideos: Steelers vs. Ravens Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2020, #NFLVideos: Top Defense from Week 8 | NFL 2020 Highlights. #NBAVideos: Top 50 Plays From NBA Restart! It's really not a surprise that Jason Giambi has his share of tattoos. And good luck.”. Voluntary skates are back underway in Arlington. Getting a tattoo of your model then-girlfriend (now wife) takes guts to begin with, that goes without saying. The media gathered around his locker, waiting for a postgame interview. And yes, if you were wondering, and I know you were… Stewie is holding a knife, and Brian is holding…you guessed it… a baseball bat. SHARES. Get yours June 5. To be clear, I have tremendous respect for Hamilton and the obstacles he overcame to get where he is today. Birds? Javier Baez is only a prospect currently, and he got the tattoo before he was even drafted, so due to that pretentiousness there I considered not keeping it on. Rauch is a hard thrower, so maybe he envisions his fastball as bursting into flames on the way to the plate. Hey listen, I understand that this is a sign of the zodiac that may have some deep personal meaning to the Red Sox outfielder. Then he got up without saying a word and walked through a door to complain to a Reds officials, “The media is crowded around my locker, can’t you make them move away.” He was told to do his own dirty work. Remembering what he did before, he even said, “Come on in closer.” And he was a delight. UPDATE 12/11/2014: Ever wonder about the emotions a baseball wife experiences during trade speculation? This looks more like a bad Fubu ad than a tribute to your offspring. The reason he makes the list, however, is because he self-designs the tattoos he puts on himself. Baker brought up the Votto incident and the fact that Lowe hit Brandon Phillips after Latos buzzed him. The most obvious piece is on his neck, where he has the symbol for family alongside oak leaves, which does look great there. The …, Atlanta Hawks: A statement has been released regarding the absentee ballot tabulation at @state…, Memphis Grizzlies: A special message from Coach Jenkins as we wrap up #ElectionDay Drop a “” in th…, Golden State Warriors: Have you voted, #DubNation?…, Denver Nuggets: PJ and his mom are doing their part!…, San Antonio Spurs: Proud of our guys who made their voices heard on #ElectionDay! What he does win, instead of the MVP, is the top slot in this slideshow.

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