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Here's another mind-bender for everyone. Arthur Olliver (Footscray/Western Bulldogs)12/1918Inducted: 2003Champion Footscray ruckman over 16 years with the club.Playing Career: 1935-1950Games: 272.

Last year saw them win another thriller, clawing back from a 29 point first quarter deficit to win by less than a goal. Player Honours: Brownlow Medal Coll 1979, Melb 1984; Coll best & fairest 1979, 1980; Coll captain 1981-82; Coll leading goalkicker 1977, 1978; Victoria (10 games, 15 goals). Player honours: best & fairest 2004; All-Australian 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004; premierships 2001, 2002, 2003; co-captain 2007-08; Victorian representative (3 games); International Rules representative (2 games). A star on the field and a key figure off it, Long was a trailblazer for indigenous players. In each of the ten tables above, clubs have been assigned a ranking position from one to 21. Tough centre half-back who ran hard and straight. So I comprised a ladder from 1987 onwards and here is how it looks: Your definition of success is a bit different to mine. So Collingwood have been minor premiers the most times with 19, at a league-high 15.6 per cent clip. Kicked 50 goals in his first season as a 17-year-old and developed into one of the Bulldogs’ finest players, mainly as a key forward. Jim Stynes (Melbourne)23/4/1966Inducted: 2003Tall, mobile player from Ireland who went from knowing nothing about Australian Football to being one of the best ruckmen of his time. Brilliant centreman and great kick. he Bombers were the winners of the first ever VFL season back in 1897, setting the precedent for what was to become a hugely successful club. John 'Sam' Newman (Geelong)22/12/1945Inducted: 2002Outstanding and tough ruckman, who held down the first ruck role at Geelong for more than a decade. Murray Weideman (Collingwood/West Adelaide)16/2/1936Inducted: 2007A tough, uncompromising key forward who built a reputation as an enforcer.Playing Career: 1953-63; 1968-69Games: 219 (Coll 180, WA 39) Goals: 276 (Coll 262, WA 14)Player Honours: club best & fairest 1957, 1961, 1962; captain 1960-63; premierships 1953, 1958; club leading goalkicker 1959, 1960, 1962; Coll Team of the Century; Victoria (5 games, 4 goals).Coaching record: West Adelaide 1968-71 (85 games, 42 wins, 41 losses, 2 draws); Collingwood 1975-76 (45 games, 19 wins, 26 losses), Scott West (Western Bulldogs)Profile: A champion Bulldog who turned down the Pies. Overall away win-rate Anthony Koutoufides (Carlton)Profile: The kid from Lalor who changed the shape of the game18/1/73/75Inducted: 2014Affectionately known as 'Kouta’, the 1995 premiership star quickly became a crowd favourite among Carlton fans.Playing career: 1992-2007Games: 278. If we look to the bottom, we see that Gold Coast (15.6) is well and truly last.

With a total number of 18 teams in this league, have you ever wondered who became the best and most successful AFL team? Brisbane’s 2016 season also makes it into the bottom ten, with the Lions rated about as poorly as Fitzroy in their second-last season. Len Thompson (Collingwood/South Melbourne/Fitzroy)27/8/1947Inducted: 1998Athletic and strong-marking ruckman who played in four Grand Finals with Collingwood.Playing career: 1965-1980 (Coll 1965-78, SM 1979, Fitz 1980)Games: 301 (Coll 268, SM 20, Fitz 13) Goals: 275 (Coll 217, SM 39, Fitz 19)Player honours: Brownlow Medal 1972; Coll Best & Fairest 1967, 1968, 1972, 1973, 1977; Coll captain 1978; All-Australian 1972; Coll Team of the Century; Victoria (15 games, 12 goals). Player honours: Ess Best & Fairest 1982; Ess leading goalkicker 1979, 1983; Ess captain 1983-1988; Ess premierships 1984 (captain), 1985 (captain); All-Australian 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989; Victoria (11 games, 12 goals), New South Wales (4 games, 6 goals). Player Honours: 3rd Brownlow Medal 1985, 1986; Fitz best & Fairest 1985, 1986, 1991, 1992, 1994; Fitz captain 1988-90, 1992-94; Fitz leading goalkicker 1990; Fitz Team of the Century; All Australian 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991 (captain); 1992 (captain); 1996, 1997; Victoria (14 games, 11 goals). In the case where temas are tied you can look at most flags to split them, or in the case of Carlton and Essendon either overall games won, Carlton comes first, finals success, Essendon comes first. Half-forward flanker with great strength who made his debut with Collingwood at the age of 15 before joining Sturt. A number of clubs, however, have separated themselves from the pack as some of the most successful, be it the Hawks through their unprecedented run during the 70s and 80s, the Eagles as a result of their rapid rise to prominence in the early '90s, or the Blues thanks to consistent success over the course of their history, with the exception of the last 25 years. Player honours: Brownlow Medal 1929; Best & Fairest 1929, 1934, 1935; premierships 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1935, 1936; Coll Team of the Century; Victoria (12 games, 1 goal). Goalkicking half-forward flanker who had sensational skills. Coaching record: Carl 1922-23, 1927 (45 games, 26 wins, 18 losses, 1 draw). Stuart Spencer (Melbourne)3/2/1932Inducted: 2005Star rover for Melbourne at the start of its golden era, but left for Tasmania at the end of 1956. A broken collarbone in the first minute of the 1911 Grand Final didn’t stop him playing out the entire match.Playing career: 1911-1926 (Coll 1911-1916, Rich 1920-1925, Haw 1926)Games: 180 (Coll 85, Rich 94, Haw 1) Goals: 77 (Coll 37, Rich 38, Haw 2)Player honours: Rich capt-coach 1920-1925; Rich premierships 1920-1921; Rich Best & Fairest 1920.Coaching record: Richmond 1920-1925 (105 games, 59 wins, 45 losses, 1 draw); Hawthorn 1926-1927 (36 games, 4 wins, 31 losses, 1 draw); Carlton 1929-1934 (117 games, 85 wins, 32 losses), St Kilda 1935-1938 (54 games, 30 wins, 24 losses), Fitzroy 1940-1942 (51 matches, 25 wins, 26 losses). Revisionist bulls*it. The Suns and the defunct University really are two poorly performed outliers at the bottom of the table. Player honours: Brownlow Medal 1927; Best & Fairest 1927, 1932; captain 1927-1934; premierships 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930; Coll Team of the Century (captain); Victoria (26 games, 4 goals). Player honours: Rich captain 1932-1940; Rich premierships 1932, 1934 (captain-coach); Victoria (3 games, 4 goals).
Good mark and handballer.Playing career: 1968-1982 (Ess 1973-1976, Cl 1968-1972, 1977-1983)Games: 337 (Ess 84, Cl 253) Goals: 326 (Ess 67, Cl 259)Player honours: Brownlow Medal 1976, 2nd Brownlow Medal 1973, 3rd Brownlow Medal 1975 (equal); Ess Best & Fairest 1974, 1975, 1976; Claremont Best & Fairest 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980; Ess captain 1976; captain/coach Claremont 1977-1983; Victoria (5 games, 16 goals), West Aust (30 games).Coaching record: Claremont premiership 1981. Playing career: 1898-1920 (Melb 1898-1901, St K 1903-1904, 1907-1908, 1912-1915, 1920, Sturt 1909-1911), Games: 215 (Melb 50, St K 126, Sturt 39) Goals: 120 (Melb 15, St K 72, Sturt 33). Magnificent running player whose career spanned two decades in SA and Victoria, is fourth on the all time VFL/AFL games played. Their finals series was something to behold – they proved just how dominant they were with a 125-point thrashing of the Kangaroos in the Elimination Final, disposing of the Blues by 45 points in the prelim, before demolishing the Demons by ten goals in the Grand Final to cap off one of the most lopsided seasons in recent decades, and hand them their 16, Lloyd won a few Colemans over his career, check out this years.

Jack Regan (Collingwood)12/9/1912-11/8/1988Inducted: 1996Known as the prince of full-backs, he took on and defeated some of the greats of the 1930s.Playing career: 1930-41, 1943, 1946Games: 196 Goals: 3Player honours: 3rd Brownlow Medal 1934 (equal); Best & Fairest 1936; capt 1940-1941, 1943; premierships 1935, 1936; Coll Team of the Century; Victoria (14 games, 1 goal). A consistent player who could perform well in other positions. Player honours: premierships1996, 1999; Norm Smith Medal 1996; All-Australian 1996, 1998, 2002; NM Team of the Century; NM Shinboner of the Century; Victoria (3 games, 5 goals).

Mark Ricciuto (West Adelaide/Adelaide)8/6/1975Inducted: 2011His ferocious attack on the ball was the feature of his game. Playing career: 1963-1980 (St K 1963-72, 1976-78; Melb 1973-1975, 1979-80), Games: 285 (St K 203, Melb 82) Goals: 199 (St K 156, Melb 43), Player honours: St K Best & Fairest 1968; Melb Best & Fairest 1973l St K captain 1976-1977; Melb captain-coach 1979-1980; St K Team of the Century; Victoria (6 games, 2 goals), Coaching record: Melb 1979-80 (44 games, 11 wins, 33 losses). Goals: 226Player honours: Best and fairest 2001, 2005; 2nd best and fairest 1999, 2003; 3rd best and fairest 2000; leading goalkicker 1997; captain 2004-06; premiership 1995; pre-season premierships 1997, 2005, 2007; All-Australian 1995, 2000; Victoria (1 game, 0 goals). A star in the SA when the SANFL was at its strongest. Having won their sole VFL/VFA flag in 1896 just prior to the VFL commencing the following season, Collingwood had to wait until 1902 to claim their first Premiership as they proved too good for Essendon in a 27-point win, before just holding on against Fitzroy the following year by two points as Gerald Brosnan missed his late shot at delivering another flag for Fitzroy, the competition powerhouse during the early days. It must be noted that Collingwood, despite a great effort to qualify for the grand final on 42 occasions, has an absolutely horrendous big stage record winning only 15/42 (36%). Doug Wade (Geelong/North Melbourne)16/10/1941Inducted: 1996Goalkicker extraordinaire who had enormous strength one-on-one but could also fly for marks.Playing career: 1961-1975 (Geel 1961-1972, NM 1973-1975)Games: 267 (Geel 208, NM 59) Goals: 1057 (Geel 834, NM 223)Player honours: Geel Best & Fairest 1969; Coleman Medal 1967, 1969, 1974; Geel leading goalkicker 1961-1964, 1966-1972, NM leading goalkicker 1973-1975; premierships Geel 1963, NM 1975; Geel Team of the Century; Victoria (7 games, 31 goals).

Coaching Record: St Kilda 1977 (22 Games, 3 Wins, 17 Losses, Draws); Sub ( 46 Games, 30 Wins, 16 Losses), 1973 Premiership. He was tough, skilful and uncompromising in his attack on the ball.

Player honours: club best and fairest 1955, 1958, 1962; captain 1960-1968; premiership 1961 (captain); Hawth Team of the Century (captain); Victoria (12 games, 7 goals). Coaching record: Coll 1996-99 (88 Games, 30 Wins, 58 Losses). Brisbane are the clear chart-toppers in this one, winning 68 per cent of their 25 finals. Next best is Collingwood (68.1%), followed by Adelaide (67.2%), and Geelong (65.5%).

Brad Hardie (South Fremantle/Footscray/Brisbane Bears/Collingwood)Profile: The last player to win a Brownlow Medal in his first year, Playing career: 1979-84 SF; 1985-86 Foots; 1987-91 Bris; 1992 Coll, Games: 530 (308 SF; 128 Foots; 192 Bris; 2 Coll. Coaching record: Rich 1982-1983 (46 games, 26 wins, 20 losses). Collingwood centre half-back in the most successful team in the game’s history. Captured a great grassroots sporting moment? Carlton and Essendon are ranked second and third respectively, and we see that West Coast has displaced Collingwood in the top four with its 12.5 per cent strike rate. Garry Wilson (Fitzroy)17/7/1953Inducted: 1999Brilliant rover renowned for his running and courage.Playing career: 1971-1984Games: 268 Goals: 452Player honours: 2nd Brownlow Medal 1979, 3rd Brownlow Medal 1978; Best & Fairest 1972, 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980; club leading goalkicker 1972, 1973; captain 1981-1984; All-Australian 1979, 1980; Fitz Team of the Century; Victoria (14 games, 22 goals). or Player honours: Essendon premierships 1985, 1993; Hawthorn best and fairest 1996, 1997; Essendon leading goalkicker 1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993; All Australian 1987, 1988, 1997; Essendon pre season premierships 1990, 1994; Hawthorn pre season premiership 1999; Michael Tuck Medal 1999. Coaching record: Claremont 1972-74 (66 games, 30 wins, 36 losses), Ken Hunter (Claremont/Carlton)Profile: I can't remember anything about the 1982 Grand Final, Playing career: 1975-89 (Claremont 1975-80; Carlton 1981-89), Player honours: Three-time VFL Premiership player (1981, 1982, 1987); Carlton leading goalscorer (1983); Four-time All-Australian: 1979 (carnival), 1980 (carnival), 1982, 1983.

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