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philadelphia furniture makers 1800s

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Typical Germanic construction techniques included the use of wooden pegs (rather than nails) to attach drawer bottoms and moldings as well as the insertion thin wooden wedges into the pins of dovetail joints for a tighter fit. From the founding of Philadelphia in 1682 until the late 1800s, a vibrant community of cabinetmakers plied their skills alongside specialists in carving, chair making, and turning. A Quaker working particularly for the Quaker trade, Savery produced some of the most sophisticated furniture in colonial America. One of his clients was Thomas Jefferson, for whom he made the lap desk on which Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. On one side it appears to be branded into the wood “Henshaw & Sons Manufacturers” with a Walnut Street address.

It just names the makers. No idea how much a Boyd piece would be worth. Head’s account book—one of the earliest surviving joiner’s account books from colonial America—was fortuitously saved, making it possible to attribute furniture to him when there is also a clear provenance. I have worn the internet out. (14), 39 projects Stiefel, Jay Robert. I am the curator of the Gov. It has a small plate on it that reads, “the Cin Cabinet Co, Cincinnati O, patented May 5, 1885” on it.

> In fact, among the wealthy settlers of Pittsburgh and its environs, it was common to have furniture carted over the long land route from Philadelphia, mak- ing this furniture very expensive.

252 ROBERT W. MCDERMOTT JULY teenth centuries followed closely the styles set in the great furniture centers of the east, principally Philadelphia. I just bought a Chifferobe that says 5th & elm st cincinnati, ohio. John Shaw, an accomplished and prolific cabinetmaker, arrived in Annapolis, Maryland in 1763 and by 1770 had established himself as a cabinetmaker on Church Street. > The wood appears to be walnut. He was smart enough to incorporate in his designs the styles that were currently in vogue in New York. (0). An influx of French refugees also ushered in a vogue for furniture in the French taste. Another multi-generational workshop originated with joiner Joseph Claypoole (1677-1744), and extended to his sons Josiah Claypoole (1716/17-1757) and George Claypoole (1706-93) and grandson George Claypoole Jr. (1733-93).

Most of the surviving examples of early Philadelphia furniture belonged to prominent city residents. The most famous member of the family is John Goddard (1723-1785) who was an apprentice of Job Townsend. Not generally thought of as a cabinetmaker, he excelled as a master carver of mantels, doorways, and interior trim. We Are The Philadelphia Area Premier Dealer for Fine Quality Antiques. After the flood in 1834, the sudden outbreak of Asian Cholera only added to their woes when as many as 100 people died a day from the illness. Evans was raised in West New Jersey and made furniture for many prominent Philadelphia families, including those of William Penn, Isaac Norris, and James Logan. Highly skilled emigré carvers helped elevate Philadelphia furniture and architectural woodwork to new heights, and the work of London cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale (1718-79), who in 1754 published The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director, influenced many designs.

Not all furniture making switched to an industrial scale. Earthshack. Whether or not they were adhered to is anyones guess. Some of the most celebrated pieces of Philadelphia furniture were crafted during this period, including a high chest made in 1769 for Michael Gratz (1740-1811) and his wife Miriam Simon (1749-1806), prominent members of Philadelphia’s Jewish community.

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