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Through the eyes of many, Samoa and Tonga are almost always seen as similar islands, with similar cultures, languages and traditions. Badminton is most widely played in the winter months and many... Harry Potter is one name that if you are a 90’s kid then it’s imbibed in your DNA. Unity makes us stronger....pride divides us. on February 22, 2009. If you want to learn toa in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Samoan to English. If it's either blood related, or by marriage.

[4] It is said that the brothers Tuna and Fata both took a fancy to the honor spoken by the deposed Tu'i Tonga and a quarrel between the two ensued. And those from other polynesian country fa'afetai lava mai samoa, I am from Tuiatua (Aleipata) and my family has the whole history of this war written by my grandfather Vaeaufano Fua (Lotopu'e Aleipata) from his forefathers. I can even write a whole lot of bullshit stories about the Samoan and Tongan war but I don't want to because there's simply no evidence. A newly discovered Tongan village in Nadroga, Viti Levu, Fiji:, An article about them:, Fighting sports yeah.
So whatever hate your against samoans, or Tongans, to let let u know, we are all the same....thank u and manuia lou aso..

How to Estimate Your Home Improvement Projects, Sport: Samoa resolve player dispute with French Rugby Federation, PMC launches new 'social justice' media website,, Rugby League Me : Samoa, Tonga on war alert, Origins of the Conflicts between Tonga/Samoa. Wikipedia (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Tamatoa. However, although both ethnic groups do share similar characteristics, there are many obvious and subtle differences when studied further. The history of the Tonga and Samoa NZ goes back to when the samoan guy in otara chopped the tongan guy into pieces. Tonga did not discover Samoa, and the Tuimanua empire of Samoa, and Tuipulotu empire of Fiji predates the Tongan empire of Tuitonga. We know that name should have a good meaning as it has some basic impact on your baby. You tongans lost your polynesian bloodline to Fijians. So, you might shortlist a few names and play a rapid-fire to know what your family members think about that name. The first tui tonga was born from a samoan war chief and Tongan mother.please know your history before you write something of this importance. Finding some great bakery names? Your wrong lol first tui tonga is ahoeitu son of tangaloa. Tonga is like a big brother to us Usos. I'm a veteran and a survivor. With the... You have entered an incorrect email address! All the names of the male are pretty and powerful. to point, Samoans, Tongans, Fijians, and Hawaiians are all related. i wouldn't feel bad though cause most of this story has false information in it anyways hahaha. Also my father in law is full blooded Tongan, so is my husband, and he said that when he went to Samoa, the King was Tongan. We have some truths, but mostly speculations. My name is Kopa Ioane-Mainu'u. Someone mentioned in this thread that when the tsunamis hit the islands, Samoa reached out to help Tonga even during its own time of need. My great grandpa was half tongan half samoan last samoan name was vaea great grandpa fought the civil war Tonga had which gave it unity n a monarchy during the times of tonga rule we took samoan females fijian tahitian New Zealand cause tonga ruled that long so we do hhhhaaaave poly blood in every corner of the triangle suckaaaaz. Your own ancestors say that Samoa has a huge influence in Tonga. Yep throw in racial slurs about white people for a change ! However, you have a handful of the name of Samoan surnames and you can choose one from them. Not only the names but also surnames are pretty unique and you can change your surname if you want to just by following a bit of legal procedure. A Samoan dictionary: English and Samoan, and Samoan and English; Samoa, The London missionery society's press, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help,, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

The oldest Polynesian bloodline runs through the Samoans. Be one Polynesia. Warrior's life. Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. The Tongan Kingdom through Ma'afu had Lau and the Yasawa group, Rewa in Viti Levu, and Macuata in Vanualevu, while the high chief of Caukaudrove a.k.a Tui Cakau had Bua and Taveuni, and Cakobau a.k.a Tui Bau had half of Viti levu. Case closed. Moreover, if you are searching for some unique names for your baby then you should look into the list below. In fact, one of my tokos is who brought me back to God and I will always love him for that. Ok thought il share this w you lol. The history of Samoa goes back way before this fabricated story. Samoa does not have a king, and has not had one since they established a government due to NZ influence. If you couldn’t work your research power now, then when will you? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We can debate all day and all that does is create more hatred. Here is a thread. So far, we have discussed a few unique surnames in case you want to change yours. No one culture or colour of a persons skin is better than the other. Manu Samoa are at times referred to as Samoan Warriors (Toa Samoa). We all want to do that and that’s why you have been searching for the one perfect name for your baby, it’s quite normal though.
TC. You must know that the Samoan culture is very rich so if you want to name your child in a very cultural way with great meaning, you should definitely go with these names.

Any Fijian input ? There are no reviews yet. What does toa mean in English? While the palangi watch us defeat ourselves for them. Sina was taken from Samoa as a wife for a Tongan king. Not so coincidental considering Tonga is South of Samoa. I am Tongan but the more I trace my bloodline it keeps leading me back to Samoan princesses. Time to make a change and stop the hate! We also believe that we will live with them again someday after this life. The best thing you can gift them is the name which they will carry forward and people who recognize them by the name you gave. We hope this will help you in learning languages. This seemed like the most logical explanation, however it was only based of a few sources. Unique Tag Team Names  Are you a die-hard fan of tag wrestling matches? I promise you, you will have a chance to ask him all your questions, and he will gladly answer them, and you will have a better understanding of things. Always remember that Tongans are very proud and stubborn people which is obvious just as an older sibling is patient with a younger is the way that I see Samoans being patient with their Tongan brothers. Samoa, The London missionery society's press Collection americana Digitizing sponsor Google Book from the collections of Harvard University Language und; English.

Just as Vanuabalavu in Lau was the trading port between Tongans and Fijians, Wallis and Futuna is between Fijians and Samoans. the fight was between Tuna and Fata about the name being born from what the Tui Tonga said (as mentioned above). We polynesians are better than that. O tala nei e lua, ua faaalia ai uiga o Atiogie, e le na o lona toa ma loto tele, ae loto alofa tele foi i lona tama ua matua, tauaso ma pipili. However, you can either use papers and make cheats and then ask your family members to choose one of those otherwise, you can also play rapid-fire. I have a passion for writing, and I put in all my efforts to provide my readers with what they are looking fo, through my articles. Unknown Point being is, if our ancestors can unite as one and be brave enough to conquer the biggest ocean on the planet, we can do the same and unite to make polynesia a happier and more peaceful place as I am sure our ancestors intended.

A lot of false things written here.

So, you should not worry too much. Get over it and act like rational human beings instead of pre- historic Neanderthals! And u didn't rule our country for 400 years ur queen salote talked to every tongan that our dynast was brought from samoa. In the last 200 years, Fiji only had three chiefs who controlled various provinces. The hatred I see now days stem from gangs. I don't go around hating or clubbing English, Irish or German people.

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