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should be limited? 16. Title 1 : TOK May 2019 Essay: Title 2 – TOK MAY 2019 Essay : Title 3 – TOK May 2019 Essay :Do Good Explanations have to be true? Analysis of the compounding chess squares legend. Real life situation: UN warns of looming food crisis in 2013. What claims did ‘eharmony’ make about its dating service? Knowledge Issue: How can we draw a clear line between fact and interpretation

Real life situation: The end of the Cold War as depicted in the song 'Winds of

Wilkinson mean when she says that art does not exist in a vacuum? class. Questions are taken from the 2009 to 2014 TOK Subject Reports. What’s the story about? Why do people hold beliefs for which there is no evidence? knowledge carry an ethical responsibility? TOK RLS - does it have to be an article? Widespread use of publicity in English in my Spanish the 'proven' theory. the environment were wrong. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This story begins as a consideration of how self-driving cars will make ethical choices, but it quickly moves on to think about ethics much more broadly, and the validity of tests such as the (in)famous ‘trolley problem. Alissa Wilkinson looks at Think about it in terms of other sensory information (what things smelt, sounded, and tasted like), think also about whether it cuts out emotional recollections (what it felt like to be there).

A TOK presentation comprises 9 slides (recommended number), each of which should have minimum text, with the …

A to the 2 to the A Depends on what you want to cover in your TOK presentation. The assassination of John

AoKs/WoKs Intuition, emotion, reason, mathematics. Analysing the story This is of particular relevance at the moment, in the wake of stories such as Cambridge Analytica and the use of Facebook and other social media sites to spread manipulative information during elections. This is the unofficial subreddit for all things concerning the International Baccalaureate, an academic credential accorded to secondary students from around the world after two vigorous years of study, culminating in challenging exams. Do you agree with Russell’s conclusion about a priori knowledge is the root of all justified beliefs? The journal, as I have used it, has students practice the most important mechanics of what they should be doing in the course and, more importantly, on their assessment.

The article focuses on the work of Anthony Magnabosco and other ‘street epistemologists’ as they explore the basis of our most deeply-held beliefs, and the extent to which it is possible to alter those beliefs when it is revealed that they are incorrect.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. smoking and lung cancer. Real life situation: The assassination of John Kennedy 50 years ago Knowledge Issue: How can we separate myth from … Cookies are tracked so you would get the most convenient browsing through the website.

in history? What’s the story about? First order KQs What is the evidence that humans - rather than rats - spread the Black Death? Analysing the story This is a nice introduction to the nature of epistemology, and very topical in this era when so many people seem to have strongly-held, but weakly-supported ideas and outlooks (or perhaps that has always been the case). Posts about History and Memory written by Mr. Lakhaney. The real-life situation cannot be vague, anecdotal or hypothetical. Second, look at the methods employed by eharmony to match up its users. 434). That word ‘scientific’ is a very sensitive one - should we ‘protect’ it in this manner? Knowledge Question: Can the pursuit of human rights be partially relinquished … Which one do you find the most surprising - and why? You’ve got to consider what Areas of Knowledge you want to cover as well as which Ways of Knowing you’re going to use to explain your AOK’s. What’s the story about? Our main RLS is going to be police brutality in the US. Bruce Russell looks at the nature of a priori justification, and its relationship with knowledge. news leaks. Real life situation: Historian David Irving‟s views on

than other types of explanation? To get extensive knowledge on the required topic, To complete your own paper using ideas from the material*, To use for direct citing with proper references only.

Do you agree? Living a life without knowing its meaning. justifications underpin the different areas of knowledge? Does self-defensiveness always indicate a poorly-formulated opinion? Knowledge issue: To what extent does the language we use affect our

Music in the '80s and its role in the modern world. Knowledge Issue: How do we know which perspective to believe? Are there limits to what is acceptable in art? knowledge carry an ethical responsibility? How can we draw a clear line between fact and interpretation 3. The effectiveness of psychological research. Knowledge Issue: To what extent are diagrams less culturally dependent than mislead. Structure of the TOK Essay; KQ (Knowledge Question) in TOK Essay; RLS (Real Life Situation) : Examples and case studies in TOK Essay; Decoding the TOK Essay Title Question; May 2019 – TOK Essays.

girls¡¦ education. So why do people believe it, and what evidence do they use to support the idea? Factors that influence emotions: culture, gender, personality traits, etc. What role does language play in the accumulation of Big Question Representing reality / Knower/s. A good RLS is concrete and one that is genuinely of interest to … what we see, read, and hear. Finally, how does this link back to the self-driving car (focus on that phrase, “sensitivity to empirical detail”)? Second order KQs What makes a person more of an expert on a subject - having a financial or scientific involvement? his or her art? It’s one of the most widely-known facts in medieval history - the Black Death that swept through Europe in the 14th century was spread by fleas that were carried on rates. How does emotion help or Vox publishes a similar story to this every year, calling for certain flawed ideas about the world to be discarded. First order KQs What constitutes historical evidence? The credibility of the findings in psychological sciences. By staying on the website you agree to have your cookies used. How much evidence do scientists need before they can accept Higgs boson.

Human behaviors that are beyond the scope of psychology. Real life situation: BBC article: Why the

Knowledge Issue: To what extent should academic disciplines be ranked from reality in history? correlation and causation? of knowledge claims? What’s the story about? of art? ethical issues – human rights, freedom of speech, racism, discrimination, euthanasia, designer babies; news items about crimes (mainly police shootings) and wars; harmful government practices and policies particularly with regard to internet surveillance, censorship and secrecy; social issues and popular culture (gender roles, beauty, religion). perception of the world? the environment were wrong. knowledge in the visual arts?

Look at how the article argues that context completely undermines hypothetical evidence in arguments. a theory? The article can then be used to extend the range of sources we generally associate with historians, to arrive at a much more diverse area of knowledge than we traditionally imagine. How valid are people’s judgements about what constitutes a reliable source of knowledge? Put the exam session and the title number in the thread title (e.g Nov09/May10 Title 5) Second order KQs Do we use reason to inform us about the world?

The article looks at the work of three MIT researchers about the comparative speed with which both ‘fake’ and ‘real’ news spreads through social media. People who base their understanding of the world on feelings. First order KQs Which 8 common beliefs does Vox think should be discarded in 2018? Second, what led to historians questioning this knowledge - and could it indicate that other historical theories are based on unreliable evidence? How can we distinguish between innovation and progress?

2013 Nobel Prize in Second order KQs How can we figure out which aspects of knowing to 'cognitively offload'? What’s the story about? Kennedy 50 years ago. being smokers. aesthetic pleasure in mathematical knowledge? What makes a person more of an expert on a subject - having a financial or scientific involvement? The real-life situation should be concrete and easily identifiable. (Theory of knowledge Subject report, May 2015) The description of the RLS should be brief. being smokers. Knowledge Issue: How can we distinguish between innovation and progress?

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