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Refer the image to stop at a square rock and jump down towards the wall edge from the left. Io Vex Transformers.

Go behind Mercury’s Lighthouse and look up to find the Vex Transformer. Underneath the second tree, hidden by vines and plants, you’ll see a Vex Transformer. If it's Exotic Weapons that you're after, we've got you covered with our Pain And Gain Exotic Quest and Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher - Symphony of Death guides. There will be markers on your map from the game indicating where they're going to be. Once you’re behind the Lighthouse and near the X on the map, look upwards and you should see the Transformer. Fast Travel to The Rupture Landing Zone, there are two nearby.
Go to Nessus next, and Io after that. Its aim is to make cutting-edge NLP easier to use for everyone. You can grab the first one there, and then make your way across to the left side of the map to destroy all of those Vex Transformers. In our experience doing this, the prompt was very hard to find. You’ll get one of these each time you complete a Crucible or Gambit match, or when you finish a Strike. Each has 5 Vex transformer hidden somewhere and it can be a tiring task to find them if you do not know their exact locations. Follow the ramp on the right up, then go into the corridor. Land at Watcher’s Grave and follow the path to the Tangle. Keep on course until you come to the apex of the sector and climb up a rock.

Vex transformers are collectibles in Destiny 2. There should be a Vex Gate inside, and if you look directly above you, you’ll spot the second Transformer. You'll notice that the Transformer is kicking around above your head. Sword Kits – Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor Locations, GTA Online Peyote Plant Map Locations – Cactus Animals, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Legendary Chest Map Locations, Zelda Breath of the Wild Shrine Locations Map – Find & Complete all 120, Eyes on the Moon - How to Start Vex Invasion, Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher - Symphony of Death, Ikelos Weapons - How to Get SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Corsair Down & Badge - Dead Body Locations, Watch Dogs: Legion Review – Urban Guerilla Pumpkin Spice Latte, Recruit People Who Dislike DedSec – Watch Dogs Legion, Equip Different Weapons, Guns on Operatives Watch Dogs Legion, Watch Dogs Legion Street Artist Location – Silent Paintball Gun, Ubisoft Connect Activation Code for Epic Games Store – Watch Dogs Legion, Red Dead Redemption 2 Gavin Location – Where to find lost English Man, Division 2 Kenly Library Disable Security System Cable Puzzle Solution, Zelda BoTW Heat & Lava Resistance Armor – Flamebreaker. Don't plummet to your death; carefully mince along and turn to stick up against the wall and you'll see the Transformer. Even though the Vex Offensive has kicked itself off, the fallout continues to ripple throughout the galaxy so here we are. In the southwest portion of the map, there’s a ledge you can drop down to. Io Vex Transformer Location 5. Walk to the right end to see it.
Some are in obvious places, but others are pretty well hidden. When you finally kill them both, the other Fallen will disappear, and you’ll be alone with Saint-14.

You’ll see a Vex Transformer.

When you first start the Season of Dawn questline, link up the Tangled Shore Obelisk, play the Sundial, and speak to Osiris to earn your Lantern of Osiris Artifact for the season. Mercury Vex Transformers. Go northeast to the excavation site. Enter the Corridors of Time and fight your way through a few identical arenas.

Eventually, Osiris will offer you three new quests, and one of them will lead to the rescue of Saint-14. Make due south until you hit the portal to the Infinite Forest. Equip a sniper rifle and zoom in to see the Vex Transformer. Especially if you need something.

Destroying them will yield precious Vex Chronometric Scraps. Our Destiny 2 guide explains everything you need to know, including choosing a class, a guide to Exotic armor, emotes, weapons, sparrows and ships, how to trigger Heroic Public Events and much more. The last one is hidden, for this turn right from the Vex Transformer 4 location and continue riding to the end towards a monument with a circular wall. There is an massive cover covered by these rocks, and the Vex Transformer is placed in a hole on the roof. They can be found on Io, Nessus and Mercury – five on each. All Locations of IO Vex Transformers – An Impossible Task – Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Shows Where You Find All 5 Vex Transformers on IO, for Gather Vex Parts – An Impossible Task in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Season of Dawn Timeline: [0:03] Vex Transformer Site # 1 [1:11] Location of Vex Transformer # 2 [1:56] Vex Transformer Location # 3 The transformers, which are white, glowing Vex cubes, are well-hidden and can be tough to track down, but you have an edge–all the transformers are marked on your map to give you an idea of where to look. Continue walking till you reach an area with enemies. When you reach him, Saint-14 is maintaining a Titan Ward of Dawn, protecting himself. Go to the Radiolarian waterfall which has some Cabal and Vex enemies clustered around it. It’s also safe from any incoming Fallen, as Saint-14’s helmet blinds targets who walk into his bubble — just like it does when you wear it. Go under the waterfall, then through the hole, behind the glowing wall. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. You should see a small hole in the area with the Vex Transformer. Head to the big tree in the center of the region. You’ll have to find and shoot them all to finish the quest step. Walk straight towards the round building with an glowing light in between. They’re glowing cubes you can find in the Impossible Task mission.

This is a story mission, and it’s fairly straightforward until the final fight. Destiny 2. Go into the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. about And saving Saint-14 should be pretty cool too. Travel to Artifact’s Edge, but don’t jump off the tower. Shoot it. Before going down into the hole, there’s a ledge on the right you can climb onto.

Head to where the waterfall pools and then go behind it to get the Transformer. During the Impossible Task quest for Osiris in Destiny 2, Guardians have to visit three different planets to find Vex Transformers: Mercury, Io, and Nessus. Shoot it. The fourth … Hop in there and the Transformer will be waiting for you. Shoot it.

The first five Vex Transformers you’ll want to take out on Mercury. 2. Shoot it.

It's between the boughs of a giant tree that you absolutely can't miss. Much like the previous ones, take some time to use your minimap to see if you’re on the correct level as them and don’t need to jump around. A Matter of Time Destiny 2 Quest Guide - The Sundial, Keeping Time Destiny 2 Quest Guide - The Sundial. The first Vex Transformer you’ll come across on Mercury is near the Lighthouse. Turn around and look at the giant stone blocks with the red vines on them. The Lost Oasis marker on your map indicates the easiest Transformer to find.

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