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who owns stancraft boats

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Her father, Syd Young, took over the helm at the company in 1970. Business fell steeply during the oil crises of that decade, Robb Bloem says. This Century Resorter is the perfect family ski boat with the built-in ladder on the transom or a great first wooden boat! Although it is done to vintage standards, it is a very usable weekend cruiser with sleeping for four, alcohol stove, sink, 15 gal water tank, ice box and porta-potty. Billy Young and his son Stanley C. Young in Montana, USA. Make an offer!

This 1929 Chris Craft 38ft Custom Commuter was fully restored in 1991 and has received additional work in later years. “We get to turn piles of lumber into something that goes really fast,” he says. Business was slow on the manufacturing side until 2006, when StanCraft designed and built a 36-foot, missile-shaped boat for famed NFL quarterback John Elway.

Dat-So-La-Lee is number 15 in the series. The other 40 percent are scattered throughout the world, he says, noting that StanCraft custom boats have been shipped as far as India,.

The artisanal builders sculpt the finest African mahogany into gleaming, roaring Art Deco-like trophies.

Amy Bloem is the granddaughter of Stanley and Delores Young, who founded Stan-Craft Boat Co. in 1933 in Lakeside, Mont., near Flathead Lake. They have deep V forward and low deadrise at the stern.”. The Commuter name comes from the use of this type of boat to “commute” from Long Island sound to Manhattan.

At 550 hp, this boat is no slouch. The 19ft Resorter is an excellent boat, but most people can’t get past the unusual square nose.

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Powered by two 700-horsepower engines, the boat can easily exceed the lake’s 50-mile-an-hour speed limit, and do it with an extraordinary ride. The boat was custom built for the current and original owner and features many hardware items unique to this boat. 5065, most of them built in 1929 before the depression killed the demand. Otherwise, every attempt was made to retain originality throughout using the original factory drawings as a guide. Sign up to receive our curated weekly newsletter about cigars and the good life. About 3,500 man-hours go into the average boat.

One company, Stan-Craft Boat Co., is the custom wooden boat manufacturer. Until then, it will use the Garwood property for storage and mechanical work.

Not every StanCraft customer wants a missile, but most boats can cruise at 50 mph, Bloem says. Though before 2003 he hadn’t envisioned running a boat company, Bloem says it’s by far the best job he’s ever had. The windshield alone is a work of art. StanCraft is wading into a small amount of production-line work, Bloem says. At the time the only boats available were custom built boats and Chris Craft saw an opportunity to build a production boat to fill the demand.

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